Wednesday, October 31, 2007

*Happy Halloween*

~Happy Halloween from Jango-Fet, Cowgirl & Spiderman~

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

*Girlies will be Girlies

*Here are some pictures of Kaylea & her cousins Ava & Sophie. They are to the age where they have "clicked" with each other. It was alot to fun the other day when I caught them in their silly moods, so I grabbed my camera. I am glad we are down here in the valley now so they can see each other more often.*

Sunday, October 28, 2007

*10 year HS Reunion

Jamie F. & me



& Britney

me & Jamie M.

Rachel T. & me

~So here's just a couple pics of last night of me & some of My Girlz! I wish you ALL had come. "Eh um..." Most of these pics were taken about midnight so that's why I look like I'm sleeping. Our Dinner was @ the new Cheesecake Factory & alot more people came than were on the list, so that was kinda exciting. I wish it had been longer so there would be more time to talk to people. I'm glad I went & was able to see other people I hadn't kept in touch with but was eager to see, like band friends, Rachelle, Aleia, (both won trips!) Serena, Julie V, Cherese,Venessa, Jamalee, Julie P. & others. (Thanks Tim for coming and being such a good sport about it!) & shucks...J.K. wasn't able to do his firedance!!

~YAY HHS '97!~

Halloween Parties

*This weekend we went to Kaylea's Preschool Fall Festival & the kids Karate Halloween Party. Spence was "Jango Fet" from Star Wars, Kaylea was a "Cowgirl"at one & a "Baseball player" at the other (my opinionated one) & Daylan was "Spiderman"!

Thursday, October 25, 2007

*A Barbie "Beanbag"

So the other day Kaylea had a cherry tomato sitting on her nightstand. I asked her why she was saving it & she replied..."Mom, it's a beanbag for my Barbies!"

~Kids are pretty darn creative..I must say!~

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

*Babe Magnet

So uh...should I be worried? As you can see Daylan was wearing a shirt the other day that said "babe magnet." The same morning the neighbor girl "A" who is also 2, came over to play. They were snuggling on the lovesac. I giggled as I took these quick photos, laughing at the irony of the shirt.
*Couldn't you just

gobble him up?

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

*Happy Birthday Lonnie*

~It's "Grandpa Lonnie's" Birthday today! Here's a couple pictures of why my kids (& us too) love "Bampa Bonnie"-as Daylan says it. He has been a great step-dad to Tim, wonderful father-n-law to me & fantastic grandpa to the kids. I think his best quality is that he always seems to be in a good mood no matter what. He could have had the worst day ever, but when you walked in the room he'd smile anyways & ask how YOU were doing.~Happy Birthday "Bampa", we love ya!~

*Busy Week for Kay-Kay

(not to mention moving...)

*Fire Safety "RED" Day @Preschool w/ cousin Jett
* & Karate Graduation
(getting her BLUE stripe belt)

Saturday, October 20, 2007

*The Field Trip

*A little while back I accompanied Spence's 2nd grade class on their 1st out-of-school Field Trip to a lil' Play. Spencer asked me if I would be one the parents to come. (chaperone) I was so thrilled he would WANT me to go. (Who knows how long he'll want me to do that.) The best part was when we got on the bus, he asked ME to sit on his bench w/ him. This meant alot because lots of other kids were asking him to sit by them. Aw sweet... huh? (While on the bus, I noticed Spence was waving at someone at the front of the bus. When I leaned over to see who it was, I realized it was the girl he likes in his class.."Brianna." -So I did embarass him then. Oops.) I also discovered that many of the girls have giggly-girl crushes on him & one of the boys called him "Spence-my-main-man." -This kid (who looked like a bully) was seriously as tall as me.:? His teacher Ms. "O", told me in secrecy he is her favorite student! ~I always knew he was great, but saw him in a new light that day as I realized how many other people saw how great he was too. I'm a proud Mama!~

*"Stair House"

We've Moved!! The last 4 days or so, have been consumed of moving & more moving! We moved a couple streets down to what Daylan refers to as the "Stow House." (So here's the kids on the "stows.") After being in our other home for a year, we had the option to lease it for another year or stay. We opted to go as we found this bigger home down a few streets, for not much more a month yet more room! The kids love it, along w/ tim & I.. although day does keep asking when we're going home:/

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

*The Pumpkin Family

~Pumpkin Decorating this year made SO much EASIER! With our limited amount of time these days, I thought this would be a GREAT alternative to the traditional carving. Last night for "Family Nite" we basically played Mr. Potato Head but with pumpkins. As you can see, there is a Daddy, Mommy, & 3 children pumpkins. We had fun as each of us decorated our own.

*It's a BOY!....

....or they think! Steph's ultrasound was last night in snow-filled Idaho. The technician was having a hard time finding the gender of their baby. HE was being extremely modest...until the last second when she spotted what she assumed were BOY parts!! **Congrats Ethan on your new little BROTHER!:)

Monday, October 15, 2007

*Tim & Spence in Nauvoo

~Tim & Spence flew to St. Louis last Thursday, later driving to Nauvoo & Carthage to spend a couple days visiting church sites. They spent most of their time in the Pioneer town of Nauvoo. Back in the pioneer era it actually rivaled Chicago in size & population. It was a thriving Mormon city until the members of the church were ran out, threatened for their lives & the Temple was burned to the ground. Both Tim & I have ancestors who lived there & helped develop Nauvoo. We had the chance to go there this last April together, tour the old homes & attend the restored Nauvoo Temple.
*This time around Tim took Spence & traveled with a group of his family-parents & siblings.
*Spencer had some quality time with cousins, aunts, uncles & Grandma Debbie & Grandpa Lonnie. I hear he kept everyone entertained by randomly picking up ants and eating them. :?
*He said his favorite part of the trip was walking through the pioneer graveyard & also seeing the jail room that
Joseph Smith & his brother died in. Spencer said he felt the "Holy Ghost" there & he got goosebumps. I'm glad the boys were able to go and spend some quality time together and with family.
(older grandkids
/younger Aunts)

(Spence & Grandma Debbie)

Sunday, October 14, 2007

*Kaylea the Good Samaritan

So Tim & I are the CTR 5 teachers at church which happens to be Kaylea's class. Well today I taught the story of the "Good Samaritan" to them & it made me so proud when Kaylea raised her hand & finished the story for me, already knowing it. Then at the end of class they could draw a picture of whatever they wanted. She walked up to me & showed me that she (the one on the left in pigtails) was helping her brother when he fell & got hurt. Moments like this make you realize they ARE actually getting it!

Friday, October 12, 2007

*Happy Sweet 16 SARA!*

Sara, my little Sis Sara. Where do I even begin...? ....I remember when she was a little girl thinking she was just too good to be true. She was such a sweet innocent little thing. (Of course she DID come right after Brittany. j/k britt)

~Sara is the best Aunt ever!! Most of the time my kids would rather go to her than me...wait I think it's everytime. She has a very Christlike quality about her. Sara is extremely humble about her talents. She is quite the little artist! Among her portfolio are pencil drawings of my kids & a beach mural painting for her room. She is creative & can put together an adorable outfit in 5.2 seconds. Sara-beara also is a wonderful musician!

She recently received 1st chair in Orchestra playing the violin!! (I was NEVER 1st chair on the flute!) Sara has more patience than almost anyone I know. She is an excellent daughter & great sister!

~Sara WE LOVE YOU!~ Happy 16th Birthday!~

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

*Who's Special Test is This?.....

~Congratulations to.... ..........................

~Heidi & Brian Campbell~
(-Tim's brother-).

(Made y'all think it was me again huh?)

~They are expecting a baby in MAY! Wahoo!! We found out last night as we got a phone call from them telling us to check their lastest post on their family blog. We are so excited for them as this will be baby #5.
~This now makes the growing talley number of 3 expected cousins coming in 2008 for Spence, Kay & Dude. *-cousin Goodwin, cousin Check & now cousin Campbell!* YAY for more cousins! Mommies take care of those growing babies!
Congratulations again Campbell's!

Sunday, October 7, 2007

*General Conference Weekend

Ok so as a kid I remember

thinking Conference lasted SO long

....& now
I feel like it's never long enough!!

~It seems like I always hear the words I need at the perfect time when watching Conference. For any of you who don't know, General Conference is a worldwide meeting held every 6 months in SLC and broadcast throughout the world in
over 100 languages. It is pretty powerful to know that you're singing the hymns & hearing these special messages with the rest of the world. (although obviously some are shown at later times with time differences.)

~The most special part is always hearing from our beloved Prophet, President Gordon B. Hinckley. It's the moment when my kids wiggles go away & the room becomes still. We don't know how much longer he'll be here on the earth, but we'll eat up every minute of it that he is.

~I remember as I was growing up the prophets President Spencer W. Kimball, Ezra Taft Benson & Howard W. Hunter were usually too frail to speak at Conference, but when they did it meant so much. Now I feel we are almost spoiled to hear from a latter day prophet as often as we do. I think back to Biblical prophets & those in the Book of Mormon and try to relate their words to those we hear today to make them as meaningful.

~Elder Henry B. Eyring (now president) has been sustained to fill the calling of 2nd counselor to President Hinckley, after the recent passing of President Faust. I have always loved Elder Eyring. When I was away at college he came & spoke at a Stake Conference. His genuine tenderness was felt as he spoke about the Gospel. It was especially meaningful as he spoke of his ties to the Gila Valley.~Elder Quentin L. Cook has now replaced Pres. Eyring's calling in the 12.

*Can't wait for April!:)

(Elder Eyring gettin' a bop
on the head from Pres. Hinckley:)

More conference & church stuff:

Friday, October 5, 2007


Thank goodness they invented "Kleenex"...cuz I think I went through a whole box of it today! The dust blowing outside stirred up yucky gunk in the air & I was MISERABLE! I don't remember feeling this gross in a long time. I think I counted one time sneezing 11 times in a row!(-which I realized can be dangerous when driving!) My eyes were dripping & sweeling, not to mention my nose running. Gotta love those Allergies! I thought I had mostly grown out of them..maybe it's just cuz Flag air/weather was different (cleaner :) Ugghhhh! So glad I don't live in the handkerchief days!

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

*My Groovy 70's parents