Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Spring Break=Dates with The Kids

.....And a lot of this:
This 2 week Spring Break of ours was wonderful!
Although we didn't go out of town or do anything big, we still managed to have a blast! I do have to say that there were a number of days I thought I might lose my mind with all the fighting going on in our house, but as the kids calmed down it all ended up great.

~Our Goal for the Break was to have each of the older 3 kids go on special "Parent-Dates" with both Tim & I. It was so much fun & we definitely need to do this more often:

I stole the "Date Card" Idea from The Bachelor...{hey at least something good came of that show!} So 3 Times each week there would be a magical card on the kitchen island that looked like this:
When the kids would see it they would yell to the others to run quick so it could be opened. They'd all gather round anxiously to open it and see who it would be for. That person would read their date card which had their own name, the parent they'd be going with & the "clue" to what they'd be doing.
"I took Dude to the park to play a little catch and also to Chick-Fil-A for a little lunch and playground action." -Tim

"I took Kaylea to Polar Ice to ice skate for the first time! After 20 minutes she was skating like a little star. She had a lot of fun and quickly conquered her fear of falling." -Tim

Spencer's DATE CARD said: "Your day will be filled with Reels & Wheels..."
(Have a guess what it was?)
"I took Spencer to see the movie 'Diary of a Wimpy Kid' on it's opening day which he loved since he has read all the books. Then we went to buy him a bike since his last one was stolen before we moved out here." -Tim

DATE: KAYLEA w/ Mom: We saw the Play- "Princess & the Pea" @ the Hale Theatre & ate lunch @ Joe's BBQ
Kaylea's DATE CARD with me Said:
"An Actress you will see while eating a Cookie...."
& that she are some of the actresses.
It was so funny to hear her in the car trying to figure out what she'd be doing. When we finally got there & walked in so was trying so hard not to smile. We had so much fun just sitting & giggling together throughout the play....& eating our BIG cookie. Of ALL the actresses{Princesses included}, she said the Cat was her favorite...that's my Kaylea.

DATE: SPENCER w/ Mom: Rock Climbing Wall @ Freestone Rec. Center & then found our new favorite cookie @ Einsteins Bagels -The "Chocolate Mudslide Cookie"=the best cookie ever upon the Earth!
He scaled this wall like it was nothing. There was another mom there at the bottom watching Spence get up there so quick & asked how long he's been doing this. I told her it was his 1st time ever climbing a big wall like this.
Spence got to the top so quick each time...He showed all the teenagers up
....& especially his Mom! Spencer climbed the wall on all 4 areas I think 12 times. I was tired after 2. I was sure proud of him & his determination.
...{don't laugh}

DATE: DAYLAN w/ Mom: Peter Piper Pizza-lunch & games
What could be more fun for a 4 year old than pizza & games?....a indulging in an orange soda pop which he never is allowed to have. I had fun with Daylan playing games and seeing his cute face excited each time a ticket came out.
Below is a picture of Dude winning the Jackpot of tickets!
{....this was his real live face caught up in the moment of the excitement.}

~Although these little dates might seem so cheesy or simple, I know that to the kids it was so important they get one on one time with us and be reminded that they are loved individually.

Being parents of 4 rowdy, busy little ones things can get crazy & loud. It was nice to have quiet alone time with just them where there was no tattling or whining but real conversations about things that THEY wanted to talk about.

*Some Other Notable Events of the Break:

*Began teaching Piano Lessons {15th}
*FHE @ Tumbleweed Park with Gpa Ron, Lundells, Gma Debbie
*Lundell cousins sleepover {15th} & {25th}
*Steph & family experience 1st Earthquake in Cali {16th}
*Dad celebrates Bday {16th} while in Hawaii w/ mom, phyl & sara (Sara's Sr. Trip)
*Kids teeth cleaned @ the Dentist & by Aunt Brit
*Me to Dentist to fix huge hole in tooth {18th}
*Jax takes his first step {13th} & turns 10 months {21st}
*Met Brit's boyfriend Nate -babysat the kids while we went to Temple {18th}
*Dad's Birthday Dinner -Goodwin's joined us via Skype {21st}
*Throwing Up w/ a 24 hr. Flu Bug -Spence, Me & Kaylea {22nd}
*Waking up to the marvelous smell of rain {23rd}
*Easter Egg Hunt & Picnic w/ High School Friends & kids {24th}
*Trips to Library, Pet Store, Dunkin Donuts, Mc'Donalds

Sunday, March 28, 2010

"Peter Perfect"~Kisses to You

Yesterday was a sad but beautiful day. We attended the funeral of a little boy named Peter; an adorable little 2 year old boy with Down Syndrome from Church. He was famous for blowing kisses at anybody and everybody he saw. His family said he would literally stop crowds at malls, restaurants....everywhere he went.

He made you feel like you were the only person in the room, that you were incredibly special and loved. It didn't matter if he'd never seen you before...he knew the value of a soul and loved everyone. Peter gave us all an idea of what it will be like to be unconditionally loved and accepted by our Savior. He brought a piece of Heaven to Earth and shared it willingly.

He died Tuesday early morning...he just stopped breathing. It was time for him to go. He had achieved what he came to do. He had received his earthly body and touched thousands of people's lives in his short time here. Peter exemplified Christlike attributes and reminded me of our sweet Emmie, these precious spirits not capable of committing sin.

The funeral was so amazing. The spirit was so strong and you could feel the presence of Heaven just had to be to buoy up this devastated family. Family members bore testimony of the Plan of Salvation and that his parents would one day get the chance to finish raising him; they would not be shorted at all. My kids were able to sing in the musical number with some other Primary children. ~"I am a Child of God" & Families Can be Together Forever."~ They were touched spiritually and even my strong Spencer fought back tears. After the funeral each person in attendance grabbed a white balloon, wrote a message on it to Peter and we all let them go at once. It was so beautiful as we symbolically blew him our kisses and watched as they flew up to Heaven.

Peter & my little Jaxson were hall buddies at Church. They would crawl around the foyer together each week during Sacrament Meeting. As I would be sitting in church, Jax would point his little finger to the door. He wanted to always be in the foyer...{with Peter.} Now that I think about it, I get a little lump in my throat. Even though I hardly knew this precious little boy, he touched my life more than he'll ever know.

Today the foyer was empty. I just couldn't be out there with Jax...I don't think anybody in the ward could. EVERYONE that ever walked out there would see him & were blown a kiss when they walked out there. It was too sad to not see him; so today we were in the other foyer on the opposite side of the building. His Dad is our ward's librarian and Peter would oftentimes help his Dad do his job saying Hello to everyone who stopped by.

My heart broke today when I walked by the Library and saw Peter's Dad there, swollen eyes and a half smile- but no Peter. Now that is a strong testimony of the Gospel..
~a strength to me.~
"Blowing Kisses To this Sweet Boy"

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

10 Months=Learning & Growing

Real Food=Real Poop
{Warning disgusting pic below}
{I warned you....}
Real Poop=Real Baths
Some other things going on in his life:

*Is currently getting in his top 4 teeth at once...(I think the two fang teeth are winning.)
*Grabbing hold of Mom's shoulders & steers me in the direction he wants to go
*Using his adorable little pointer finger to point at what he wants
*Takes 2 wobbly steps before falling sideways to the ground
*Sits in the Shower in the Bumbo patiently while I take my shower
*Loves to make BIG splashes in the bathtub to make Daylan laugh
*Prefers nursing but will take bottles too, using sippy cups too
*Gets his feelings hurt when he doesn't eat what we are for dinner
*Can get him to belly laugh in 2.2 seconds by wrestling, tickling or peek-a-boo
*Sings hymns with the congregation on Sunday during sacrament meeting
...Then yells at the top of his lungs, pointing to the door so I'll take him into the hall
*Is learning to go DOWN the stairs-using "toes-tummy" instead of Falling!
*Loves wrestle time w/ Dad & brothers
*Is picked up by sister the second he starts crying (not so much a good thing)
*Says "Uh-oh", "Mama", "Dada", "baba" & "ah-dun" (all done)
*Crawls FAST as the speed of light!
*Puts anything smaller than a golf ball into his mouth...usually dangerous things
*Dances at the sound of music. :)
*Is beginning to understand the joy of Reading Books
*The world stops when Mom walks into the room (hey.. just stating the truth people)
*Loves Dad's shoulder rides, giggles & pulls his hair
Oh yeah 1 more thing: Melts our Hearts

Friday, March 19, 2010

Spring Break Faces....

From this morning....

...Accomplishing a lot this Spring Break can you tell....

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

"Pet Baby-Sitters"

Kaylea and her Best Friend Sienna LOVE Animals
{Photo taken at School Carnival Petting Zoo in February}
& they recently decorated the front of our house with these:
~Reminded me of her similar business venture post back in July '08.~

Monday, March 15, 2010

The other tooth...

This video makes me laugh... Daylan singing in the shower "we will, we will rock it."...& then pops up on the count of 3, Jaxson dancing to "Teeth (Pants) on the ground.", tim & i singing (how embarassing), kaylea scared of tim pulling her dental floss. (& don't mind my messy bathroom)

There were plenty of days sitting in front of the mirror, twisting, turning & pulling this last front tooth. Kaylea went to school the last day before Spring Break with it literally dangling from her mouth. She refused to have me pop it out & insisted she wanted her school peers to see the event...and that they did.

At "Circle Time"in class her teacher Mrs. "C" said..."Uh, Kaylea how loose is your tooth?" ...then seeing it hanging there she asked Kaylea if she could pull it. Here was the moment shy Kaylea wanted all the attention on her. Kay said all the kids gathered around her face while her teacher pulled it out. She came home with the coveted "tooth necklace" & looking like this:
Cute or what?
So proud of her little teeth....these just happen to be the same teeth causing Jaxson so much pain at the moment & me loss of sleep. Do they really need to come in for a measly 6-7 years? {sigh}

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Good Bye & Hello...

Daylan recently said Goodbye to Mrs. Melissa's Preschool. She has been so good to us as Daylan has attended from August through February & he enjoyed his friends there.

BUT...We have been on a waiting list for the Preschool that is just 2 houses around the corner from us, and it finally opened up with a spot for Daylan!

{This will be SO wonderful for these reasons:}

*Jax's nap schedule -as he will now be able to sleep without me waking him to go pick up Dude...(it's so close we can throw a rock at it.)

*Daylan will really get to know all the kids his age from our neighborhood better, that he will be going to school with as he grows up.
~While nothing seems to be very permanent in our lives these days, I think we are learning to really just enjoy the journey & be grateful for the people and friends we meet along the way.~

Saturday, March 6, 2010

✿Soccer Girl✿

Thanks again to Jodi & her photography.
The first thing Kaylea asked when we moved out here was: "Mom can I be on a soccer team again?" She drooled as she saw the big Park of grass that she'd be practicing and playing on.

Thanks Sharks for a fun season of Soccer!
Kaylea's already anticipating the next time she can play again....& score a Goal!