Sunday, July 26, 2009

They're gettin' hitched!

aren't they cute?

My brother Tommy proposed to his sweetheart Jozie Lee this weekend while in San Diego. I couldn't have picked a better girl for him. Good Job Thomas! ;)

Side Note: Tommy was diagnosed with a tumor in his elbow a while back. He had to have surgery to remove the tumor & find out whether malignant or benign. After its removal, his arm was screwed back together & we just recently we received the good news that the tumor was benign! Jozie has been by his side every step of the way.

*CONGRATS GUYS! We can't wait till October!*
(...Nix that -I mean September!)

Friday, July 24, 2009

People REALLY steal things...?

This afternoon we discovered that Spencer's bike had been stolen. As we walked around the entire condo complex hoping to find it abandoned, Spencer uttered these precious innocent words under his breath...

"Wow I just can't believe that people really steal things..."

Then he said:
"Mom can you believe that someone would actually break one of the 10 Commandments!!"

...Oh to have the innocence of a child.

Love you Spence.

(okay now back to packing)....

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

*2 Months Old*

~Jax in the swing:   
Newborn, 1 Month & 2 Months~

~LOOK at how our little guy boomed in weight & height! 

The newborn stage goes oh so fast... 
Our little Jaxson Mit turned 2 months old! Where did the time go?

*12 pounds 11 ounces
23 .3 inches*
70% for height and he really mine?
(Usually my babies are in the 5-10th % & 25th if they're lucky.)

We are loving our little Jax. He is SO much fun!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

My Mom turned 30....

Let's pause for a moment of silence...

Ok that's enough.

FYI: This blog is out of commission until August.

Do not let me get back on until then. If I do post than that means it must be the middle of the night. But don't let me........ because I am TOO BUSY and
should be either:
packing our condo
or unpacking our house
or doing a model home furniture sale
or getting ready for & starting the kids in school!

C ya in August....if I last that long.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Celebrating the U. S. A...

Family, Food, Fireworks & Fun!

Friday, July 3, 2009

God Bless America...please!

Latter Day Prophets words on our Country's Beginnings & our Founding Fathers:

"The signers of the Declaration of Independence and the framers of the Constitution were inspired from on high to do that work." ~Brigham Young

"Next to being one in worshipping God, there is nothing in this world upon which this Church should be more united than in upholding and defending the Constitution of the United States!" ~David O. McKay

"The Constitution of the United States is a glorious standard; it is founded in the wisdom of God. It is a heavenly banner; it is to all those who are privileged with the sweets of its liberty..." ~Joseph Smith

"I reverence the Constitution of the United States as a sacred document. To me its words are akin to the revelations of God." ~Ezra Taft Benson

"It is pleasing indeed, to me, that the Lord not only inspired men to prepare the Constitution but that he made record of the fact that he did raise them up for that purpose. In that particular we are peculiar as a people, for we believe that the Constitution was inspired by our Heavenly Father." ~George Albert Smith

"This restoration was preceded by a long period of preparation. The Pilgrims and other Europeans were inspired to find this American haven of refuge and thus people this land with honest and God-fearing citizens. Washington and his fellows were inspired to revolt from England and bring political liberty to this land, along with the more valuable treasure of religious liberty so that the soil might be prepared for the seed of the truth when it should again be sown.
~Spencer W. Kimball

*The Prophesies:

"Even THIS nation will be on the verge of crumbling to pieces and tumbling to the ground and when the Constitution is on the brink of ruin this people will be the staff upon which the nation shall lean ad they shall bear the Constitution away from the very verge of destruction." ~Joseph Smith (1844)

On Independence Day in 1854 President Brigham Young declared: "Will the Constitution be destroyed? No: It will be held inviolate by this people: and, as Joseph Smith said, 'The time will come when the destiny of the nation will hang upon a single thread. AT that critical juncture, this people will step forth and save it from the threatened destruction.' It will be so."

(My thoughts: Think about the recent issues affecting our society & government & how members of the church have stepped up. Interesting.)

"And I tell you further, Elders of Israel, that you do not know the day of your visitation,
neither do you understand the signs of the times, for if you did you would be awake to these things. Every organization of our government, the best government of the world is crumbling to pieces. Those who have it in their hands are the ones who are destroying it. How long will it be before the words of the prophet Joseph will be fulfilled? He said if the Constitution of the Untited States were saved at all it must be done by this people." ~Brigham Young (1868)

"We encourage all members, as citizens of the nation, to be actively involved in the political process, and to support those measures which will strengthen the community, state, and nation—morally, economically, and culturally." ~Spencer W. Kimball

(My thoughts: notice the call for members to act as individuals...the Church remains neutral in political issues giving agency to the members to act upon what they believe to be true...sound familiar?)

"I have faith that the Constitution will be saved as prophesied by Joseph Smith. It will be saved by the righteous citizens of this nation who love and cherish freedom. It will be saved by enlightened members of this church -among others- men and women who understand and abide the principles of the Constitution." ..."We are fast approaching that moment prophesied by Joseph Smith." ~Ezra Taft Benson (1987)

"I am going to bear my testimony to this assembly, if I never do it again in my life, that those men who laid the foundation of this American government and signed the Declaration of Independence were the best spirits the God of heaven could find on the face of the earth. They were choice spirits, not wicked men. General Washington and all the men that labored for the purpose were inspired of the Lord. Another thing I am going to say here, because I have a right to say it. Every one of those men that signed the Declaration of Independence, with General Washington, called upon me, as an Apostle of the Lord Jesus Christ, in the Temple at St. George, two consecutive nights, and demanded at my hands that I should go forth and attend to the ordinances of the House of God for them. Would those spirits have called upon me, as an elder in Israel, to perform that work if they had not been noble spirits before God?" ~Wilford Woodruff (1898)
(Pres. Woodruff performed the founding fathers temple ordinances)

I enjoyed watching this YouTube video. It touched upon the fact that freedom & agency was such an intricate part of our Father's Plan that this new country's freedom was so IMPORTANT that the Father had to make his hand such a part of it.
*May we remember the importance of FREEDOM & do all we can to keep THIS country "free" based off the values it was formed upon.*

*HAPPY Independence Day!*

Thursday, July 2, 2009

❀Laguna Beach❀

We just took our semi-annual Trip to Laguna Beach to stay with Tim's parents. Jaxson experienced the Beach for the first time...mostly covered up of course with moments of limited sun exposure to capture those important photographs.
look at those CHEEKS!...this kid sure likes to eat.

Havin' Fun At The Beach
*Jax's 1st Time feeling the Ocean Water*
Jaxson turned 1 month old on Father's Day. We celebrated the Sunday with beautiful weather & listening to Grandpa Lonnie speak at church. He spoke on the talk entited "Let Us Be Men." from Elder's the YouTube video of it. We enjoyed lunch with the Lundells, Lace & Ash as we ate Grandma Debbie's yummy French Dip sandwiches & the "Dads" opened card upon card from all the kids.
Throughout the week, the kids enjoyed playing with cousins at the beach. Aunt Carrie helped them dig this gigantic fun hole in the sand until the lifeguard said that was probably deep enough. Fun times.
The Dude & Kaylea all buried up
Spencer's 1st Time Kayaking with Dad
Swimming, Swinging, Shoveling, Walking, Game Playing
& being with the fam.
Jax met Aunt Steph, Uncle Marcus & cousins Ethan & Carson for the first time. We met halfway in between Laguna & Pasadena at a park & played! The boys were so sweet with their new little cousin & Carson (1 year old) even would sweetly call him "baby."
Carson, Kaylea & Stephanie playing soccer
Aunt Steph is much funner than Mom.
In the house Tim's parents are staying in is there is an indoor pool that the kids loved. Daylan just decided he wanted to learn how to swim on this trip.
Below is the first time Day ever floated and just did it all on his own!