Thursday, July 2, 2009

❀Laguna Beach❀

We just took our semi-annual Trip to Laguna Beach to stay with Tim's parents. Jaxson experienced the Beach for the first time...mostly covered up of course with moments of limited sun exposure to capture those important photographs.
look at those CHEEKS!...this kid sure likes to eat.

Havin' Fun At The Beach
*Jax's 1st Time feeling the Ocean Water*
Jaxson turned 1 month old on Father's Day. We celebrated the Sunday with beautiful weather & listening to Grandpa Lonnie speak at church. He spoke on the talk entited "Let Us Be Men." from Elder's the YouTube video of it. We enjoyed lunch with the Lundells, Lace & Ash as we ate Grandma Debbie's yummy French Dip sandwiches & the "Dads" opened card upon card from all the kids.
Throughout the week, the kids enjoyed playing with cousins at the beach. Aunt Carrie helped them dig this gigantic fun hole in the sand until the lifeguard said that was probably deep enough. Fun times.
The Dude & Kaylea all buried up
Spencer's 1st Time Kayaking with Dad
Swimming, Swinging, Shoveling, Walking, Game Playing
& being with the fam.
Jax met Aunt Steph, Uncle Marcus & cousins Ethan & Carson for the first time. We met halfway in between Laguna & Pasadena at a park & played! The boys were so sweet with their new little cousin & Carson (1 year old) even would sweetly call him "baby."
Carson, Kaylea & Stephanie playing soccer
Aunt Steph is much funner than Mom.
In the house Tim's parents are staying in is there is an indoor pool that the kids loved. Daylan just decided he wanted to learn how to swim on this trip.
Below is the first time Day ever floated and just did it all on his own!


Anonymous said...

What a fun trip! Does Stephanie live in CA now?! All your pics were great! I loved Jax's little baseball hat and Kaylea looked adorable posing like a little mermaid on the beach. I'm in beach withdrawal now. :) I'm glad you guys had such a nice trip.

they call me girl said...

I so jealous! Looks like you guys had such a fun time in CA. Lucky...

Aleia said...

WOW...looks like you had a blast! I bet it was hard to come home to this heat