Monday, May 31, 2010

School's Out for Summer...

"School's Out FOREVER"....or so it feels like.

'So Long to:
Early morning Bike Rides
Spelling boys names
on the shower wall

(but it WASN'T HER..shes does NOT know how those letters got there!)
Backstory: {There were twin Spanish boys Geraldo & Gustavo who had super big crushes on her. According to K's friends who got the scoop: They think "She's Hot... & want to buy a motorcycle to take her on rides."} Heaven help me...
Playground Time
Literally 'so long to these (the school spence is going to next year is "playground-less")

& School Projects

**PROUD of my STRAIGHT A Boy!**

Contrast these two pictures below:
(can you guess which is which?)
You've come a Long Way Baby!

*Memorial Day

More than a day off work & a Backyard BBQ:
....although mine is smelling pretty good at the moment.
*Remembering today all those who have served our Country & fought to protect our freedoms. May WE continue to stand up for those freedoms that those who have gone before us have fought SO HARD to protect.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Go Suns!

You can do it-Beat 'them Lakers!

We've been sporting our Suns jerseys & fanfare over at our household. Hope you have been too! :D

Friday, May 28, 2010

Preschool Fun

Daylan's Preschool is so hands-on....{which I LOVE!}
In just the short time he was there they've done awesome things like:
{photos courtesy of Preschool Blog}

Watch caterpillars turn into BUTTERFLIES

These last few months the Dude got to be in the local neighborhood preschool taught by a friend of mine in the ward. She finally had a spot open up for him & I was thrilled. Daylan got to do so many fun things and was able to get to know better all the kids he will be going to Kindergarten with & hopefully throughout his whole schooling career!
Being younger than everyone doesn't help the fact that he's already smaller than them. We are hoping there is a major GrOwTh SpUrT had by him this SUmmer. Bless his little heart!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Brothers=Best Buds

These boys are Best Buddies.
They lve each other so much.
They want to be by each other constantly. Jax snuggles up to Dude whenever he's sad and Daylan hugs him at least 10 times a day saying things like..."Jaxson's the best baby in the whole world."...OR "I love Jax a million plus a million."
{Yes Jax thinks he can use a remote & a toothbrush.}
Their giggles make my heart so happy.
I hope they will always love each other this much.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Preschool Graduate:

The Big Moment:
My little guy Daylan graduated from Preschool on Friday, the same day my baby Jax turned 1. I was emotional that day feeling like my babies are growing up WAY too fast. Speaking of growing fast....Have I mentioned I will have a Middle Schooler & another getting baptized this year..? They're practically adults...okay not really but still growing way too fast.


Okay now on to the "bideo" as Daylan would say. This was a couple seconds after Dude receive his diploma celebrating with us. I love that he hugs his dad, does his "squeezy" smile & then kisses jax.
At the end of the program the teachers sprinkled magic "Kindergarten dust" on their heads so it could all be "official." It was so cute to see all their little smiles as they were so excited to be Kindergartners!

Friday, May 21, 2010

A Year Ago Today....

We celebrated his arrival:
I get teary eyed thinking about the process we went through of getting these chubby little cheeks that we see here. We prayed hard for this little guy....
And because of how ACTIVE he is...I am too busy to even do a real birthday post! Maybe tonight when he's sleeping.

{He's been up since 5:30 this morning...must've been excited to celebrate his birthday.}

(right now he's dancing to Taio Cruz)

Thursday, May 20, 2010

11 years of Marriage...

= Patience, Love, Understanding,
Arguing, Laughing, Crying, Lots of Talks,
and Praying!
Good Times, Bad Times, Hard Times, Great Times
4 Wonderful Kiddos & a Life I wouldn't trade for!

No Trips, No Fancy Dinner Or Fantastic Gifts as in Years Past. Just a simple Lunch together & a Movie alone...(that I fell asleep in)
And just grateful to have each other. Realizing that's what it's all about.

Plus: I knew I couldn't live up to what I gave Tim

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Balloons to Heaven....

Last Sunday we remembered Tim's cousin Russ. It marked 1 year since his passing. We honored him & released 30 white balloons in his memory. We wrote messages on the balloons & sent them to "him." It broke my heart to see his daughter Cassie write this message:
I know that he is indeed in Heaven watching over his wife & daughters...and is near to comfort his parents, sister & family. I believe in the gift of Eternal Families & know that because of our Savior Jesus Christ that this is possible.

{*read this post of my friend Jodi's about recently getting her family sealed to her for Eternity!}

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

*Hip Hop Spence*

A week ago Saturday, our little Spence-Myster performed for the 1st time with his Boys Hip Hop Class. He really has enjoyed doing the class & is actually pretty good at it. I'm so glad that we have found something that he likes to do that is active. Spence has been in this Boys Hip Hop class since late Fall & has come to really enjoy it. He prides himself on doing the move called the "Baby Freeze."

Spence talked his friend Ezra into joining & they have had fun together in the class.

Some of Spencer's FANS at the Recital:
*not pictured Grandma Kathy & Grandpa Tom*

It was a nice surprise to have Grandma Debbie there, feeling okay & in town, along with Grandpa Ron who is walking so well. Aunts Carrie & Lacey also made it there just in time.

I love seeing my kids discover what they LOVE to do.

*Good Job Spence. We Love You!*

Sunday, May 16, 2010

I love to see the Temple...

.....I'll go inside some day.

On Thursday I took the kiddos out of school last minute & My Mom, sister Sara & I decided to drive down to the ~Gila Valley Temple Open House.~

Daylan was "too tired" to stand up for the this is what we got.

{Anyone can go through an LDS Temple before it is dedicated, which it will be this next Sunday. Then at that point only worthy members of the church 12 & older are able to go in and take part in the ordinance work there.}

It was beautiful & my kids felt the power of the Spirit. My favorite moment was watching my 3 older kids sit on a couch in the Celestial Room as they looked around at the beautiful details. I knew they were feeling something & it brought tears to my eyes. Even Jax behaved himself amazingly well and would lean backwards to see all the lights.

*I asked the kids what they enjoyed most & they said:
Daylan: "I liked the first & last part the when Grandma held me up to see the 2 mirrors!" (the reflection mirrors where you can envision eternity)
Kaylea: "I felt the Spirit the most in the room where the Baptism font was. It was so neat."
Spencer: "Being in the Celestial Room was my favorite part. I'm so glad we got to go inside."

This photo below does not do the chandelier justice....over 8,000 crystals & weighs over 850 lbs. ~beautiful!~

photo Celestial Room~LDS Gila Valley Temple

The Gila Valley Temple has an extra special meaning to me being that the Gila Valley has a
special place in my heart.
*Here are a few reasons why:
~Mine & my husband's ancestors were both sent to different parts of the Gila Valley to help settle it. Some deep roots there.
~My Dad grew up there & his history is there.
~My Grandmas taught school there & my Granddad Curtis was President of the Gila Academy ...later known as Eastern Arizona College.
~My parents met there & fell in love.
~Growing up we'd travel there & visit my mom's parents & my cousins. I decided then as a kid, I wanted to go to college there.
~After graduating High School, I packed up my things & went to begin a new chapter of my life, met some of the greatest people on Earth & began everlasting friendships.
~I also fell in love with my husband there. He drove 5 hours every other weekend for months to come be with me.

~My childhood Prophet, President Spencer W. Kimball
was raised there. He loved the Gila Valley. A man whom I never had met, yet who is dear to my heart. A friend to my family, & sent my Dad out on a mission. I was to be named after him if I had been a boy & who I eventually named my son after.

And now here we were...
Our Ancestors looking down proudly.

We can't wait for the Gilbert Temple!