Sunday, May 16, 2010

I love to see the Temple...

.....I'll go inside some day.

On Thursday I took the kiddos out of school last minute & My Mom, sister Sara & I decided to drive down to the ~Gila Valley Temple Open House.~

Daylan was "too tired" to stand up for the this is what we got.

{Anyone can go through an LDS Temple before it is dedicated, which it will be this next Sunday. Then at that point only worthy members of the church 12 & older are able to go in and take part in the ordinance work there.}

It was beautiful & my kids felt the power of the Spirit. My favorite moment was watching my 3 older kids sit on a couch in the Celestial Room as they looked around at the beautiful details. I knew they were feeling something & it brought tears to my eyes. Even Jax behaved himself amazingly well and would lean backwards to see all the lights.

*I asked the kids what they enjoyed most & they said:
Daylan: "I liked the first & last part the when Grandma held me up to see the 2 mirrors!" (the reflection mirrors where you can envision eternity)
Kaylea: "I felt the Spirit the most in the room where the Baptism font was. It was so neat."
Spencer: "Being in the Celestial Room was my favorite part. I'm so glad we got to go inside."

This photo below does not do the chandelier justice....over 8,000 crystals & weighs over 850 lbs. ~beautiful!~

photo Celestial Room~LDS Gila Valley Temple

The Gila Valley Temple has an extra special meaning to me being that the Gila Valley has a
special place in my heart.
*Here are a few reasons why:
~Mine & my husband's ancestors were both sent to different parts of the Gila Valley to help settle it. Some deep roots there.
~My Dad grew up there & his history is there.
~My Grandmas taught school there & my Granddad Curtis was President of the Gila Academy ...later known as Eastern Arizona College.
~My parents met there & fell in love.
~Growing up we'd travel there & visit my mom's parents & my cousins. I decided then as a kid, I wanted to go to college there.
~After graduating High School, I packed up my things & went to begin a new chapter of my life, met some of the greatest people on Earth & began everlasting friendships.
~I also fell in love with my husband there. He drove 5 hours every other weekend for months to come be with me.

~My childhood Prophet, President Spencer W. Kimball
was raised there. He loved the Gila Valley. A man whom I never had met, yet who is dear to my heart. A friend to my family, & sent my Dad out on a mission. I was to be named after him if I had been a boy & who I eventually named my son after.

And now here we were...
Our Ancestors looking down proudly.

We can't wait for the Gilbert Temple!


Rusten,Danae & Munchkins said...

That's funny that you said Jax kept looking up. Della was doing that too!

The Ashlocks said...

What a great experience. We went two weeks ago and it was awesome!