Tuesday, May 11, 2010

❀Mother's Day❀

I ❤ Spencer. I ❤ Kaylea.
I ❤ Daylan. I ❤ Jaxson.

Dear Campbell Kids,

Being a Mom is the hardest job...but also the most rewarding job possible! Thank You for trusting me to be YOUR Mom! I know I do & will make plenty of mistakes along the way but pray that I can stay close to the Lord & He will make up for what I lack. Thank you for being good children & for doing what is right. Thanks for being born to us & for giving me the title of Mother! I can't wait to spend forever with you!

I love you, Mom

My absolute FAVORITE thing in the world is receiving those little tender gifts from my children...like this homemade mobile made of straws from spence and the decorated cards & letters from kay & day.
The best is reading things like this: {from Daylan}:

How much money does your mom have?: $10
(pretty close to the truth)
What is your Mom's favorite food: Lettuce
(didn't know I ate so healthy)
What is your mom's favorite color?: Purple
(he knows me well)
Favorite show on T.V?: the News hmmm..
What does your Mom do for her job: works on the computer (true: most free time goes to blog)
How old is your Mom?: 30 (right on)
What is your Mom's favorite thing to do?: play with me & make stuff with me (aw....)
My mom looks pretty when she: wears dresses
I love my Mom because: she takes care of me

Kaylea said:
(alot of the same answers)
(glad to know that she thinks I "relax")...too funny

I loved my coupon book from Spence. I was presented with:
(Is that supposed to be a scent coming from my foot?)

At Church earlier that morning all the kids in the congregation got up to sing a Mother's Day Medley. Since I'm the Primary Pianist I played while they sang, which meant I didn't get to stare at the kids' sweet faces while they sang to me so....

~My favorite 2 parts of the day were these:

*As I walked downstairs holding Jax after church I heard the 3 older ones singing: "Mother Dear I love you so." I walked into the family room to see my hubby, kids & a table-full of goodies, flowers, cards & lil' homemade gifts.

*Then I think the very best part of my day was late afternoon as we all were lying on the floor in my bedroom. As Tim read from the scriptures for our daily family scripture study, Spencer & Daylan each rubbed a foot & Kaylea rubbed my shoulders & Jaxson would crawl back & forth hugging me & lying on my chest. Heaven.

Soon after that we Skyped with Tim's mom Debbie in Cali~

....& then went over to have dinner with my Mom...{thanks to my Dad.}
It was a good day.

We are both so grateful for Mothers who taught us the Gospel & many other Life Lessons along the way.

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Unknown said...

OK I died when I saw your coupon book, do you realize Skyler gave me a coupon book as well and he included several coupons for footrubs, my favorite part of Mother's day was my footrubs and being spoiled by my kids not fighting and giving me tons of loves and cards. Skyler and SPence had to know eachother in Heaven or something, so many little similarities. Glad you had a great Mother's day, I love this post!