Monday, May 10, 2010

Cousin Time

Steph left her boys Ethan & Carson here for a few days while her & Marcus were in Mexico celebrating his recent graduation from USC.

The kiddos had a blast playin' with their cousins....
Aren't they cute?! (so i was playing around with the coloring on this just for fun...I feel like I'm looking at an antique photo of my ancestors...kinda weird.)
Ethan even got to go with Daylan to Preschool one day and loved it!
Carson had so much fun at my house that he fell asleep on the stairs...
He made us laugh so hard when he started calling Jax "Toes-Tummy". When Jaxson goes down the stairs we always remind him to go down feet first so we say "toes-tummy"...So I guess CarSON thought that was JaxSON's new name.
{He also thinks that Pocahontas is Aunt "Ah-dah"...but that's another story.}
How many Curtis Cousins can you fit into a bathtub?

1 comment:

Stephanie said...

What cuties! They look like they had a blast at your house. Thanks again for watching them:)
Oh and ya by the way for what it's worth I was looking through a swimsuitcatalog and Carson said oh look it's ad da!