Sunday, April 25, 2010

We should be in Israel today....

Anyone who knows me well knows that a common phrase I say is:
"Everything happens for a reason."

And for some reason we are not supposed to be in Israel right now. Tim's siblings & spouses had been given a trip to visit the Holy Land for Christmas by his parents. {Lonnie & Debbie had been there before with Lacey & Ashlyn and were going to be our tour guides.} We would be picking up their little sister Lacey who has been studying abroad for the semester at BYU-Jerusalem. Lacey was going to be showing us her home away from home... We had been counting down the days, preparing ourselves spiritually & were Ready to go Until we got a phone call giving us this news:
{photos from Tracey}
Tim's healthy, vibrant & young 57 year old Mom suffered a heart attack last week. We were all incredibly in shock. She eats healthy, lives the Word of Wisdom & is small & fit, but genetics are strong I guess. I think there was only a handful of things that would have kept us from going and Heavenly Father allowed it to be this one:
Here is Tim with his family that had flown in to be with his Mom:
Tiff, Mason, Carrie, Lonnie, Ashlyn, Tim & Tracey
(Brian came the next day) ..& Lacey was still in Israel.

{and for the record}:
Debbie we would gladly give up this trip just to know that you are going to be okay!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Quote of the Day:

By my 9 year old:

"But Mom....You said when you were sleeping that I DIDN'T have to fold the clothes."

Sneaky....very sneaky.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

*H*ghland's Senior Prom

adorable....or what?
~Sara & her bestest buddy Coe all dolled up for their Senior Prom!~
Look at the 'tude on that girl.
You should be afraid. very afraid.
Keepin' the sneaker tradition alive~!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Love at 1st Throw...

Jaxson is beginning his love of Basketball early:
Or maybe it's just LOVE for his Dad!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

♥Happy Birthday Jozie♥

Carrying on the Birthday Post
Tribute Tradition:....
Goal: To acknowledge, Brag about
& Embarrass.

{A few years ago I began doing a little birthday tribute for each member of my immediate & extended family. I tried to do one for each person. In the last year I have added in all the babies' on their 1st birthdays & I realized that now I get to begin one for the incoming Inlaws!}....& there might be a few more here soon.
AND TODAY is JOZANNE LEE CURTIS' Birthday. Today this beautiful young lady turns 24 & I'm lucky enough to call her my sister 'n law. She married my brother Tommy in September. I have to say I am so glad that Tommy took his time in the marriage-department because getting Jozie was definitely worth the wait.
What I love about Jozie:

*She sincerely loves my brother & treats him like a King.

*She was up for marriage before we knew if his tumor was cancerous or not....& was there by his side throughout it all.

*Jozie is always volunteering her assistance to Everybody!

*My kids love her "back tickles."

*She is unique, a one of a kind who is comfortable being herself.

*She is genuine & makes everyone feel comfortable.

*She enjoys good music.

*Jozie is crafty, a good cook & talented.

*She has a spanish heritage. :)

*She lived in Hawaii....(& want them to move there again so we can visit them.)

*She has awesome style.

*Will always have some good one-liners to get you laughing.

*She overcame being lactose intolerant!

*I really embarrassed her at her bridal shower & she still likes me.

*Jozie is a remarkable goal setter.

*She is determined & knows what she wants in life.

*She has a cool job & works for the people going to build the Gilbert Temple.

*Her & Tommy do the BEST & funniest accents.

*She will give me dark-haired & blue-eyed neices/nephews!

*She is laid back & so easy to talk to.

*She can make friends with someone the first time she meets them.

*She makes everyone she talks to feel like they are her favorite person! (I always thought it was just me till I realized everyone felt this way. :)
~Our newest Sister~
(don't mind my post pregnancy arms.)
Happy Birthday Jozie!
We Love You
& are so happy you are in our family.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

We need your Prayers....

Once again we have a parent in dire need of prayers.

Yesterday Tim's Mom had a heart attack. Just this morning I am finally overcoming the shock of it all. Debbie is the healthiest 57 year old in the World so we were all in shock! Doctors are still trying to figure out the best treatment for her at this point having discussed the options of an angioplasty, open heart surgery and meds. Please pray with us that her body will be receptive to the medications & treatments. We are also beginning a family fast this evening for anyone who wants to join.
Today is her Daughter's, {Tim's sister} Birthday.

~*Happy 33rd Birthday Carrie*~

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

My son the {cutest} Vampire....

Edward your heart out.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Put me in coach...

...I'm ready to play.
So this was the 1st Volleyball game of my little brother's I had been able to come to....and guess what? The coach never put him in. They played against Gilbert & won the 1st game. They were about to win the 2nd game until suddenly they caught up to us and won. This brought it to a 3rd game that we lost...Errrr....

The most frustrating part was that Phyl really should have been put in. Ok I know I'm biased but I hear he's awesome. Even a lot of the parents were saying afterwards "If you would've been in we would've won this- no question." I swear I must curse ball games. Just Ask my Husband.

On the flip side though, it was great to be there & be reminded of how awesome my little Brother is. No really. He is the best sportsman, a great vocal & moral support to his teammates. And the best part is that he still will {{hug}} his mom, dad, sisters & nephews in public, and his peers still think he's the coolest!

Uh....Did I mention that Phylip was awesome...? This picture to the left is a cartoon self portrait that he drew!

......and this one of my sis Sara & my little guy Jax.

Ok I'm done bragging for now.

Monday, April 12, 2010

We interrupt this program....

...To bring you this Emergency Report.

Today I found my first......

Oh I just can't say it.
Just look for yourself.
Gray hair....
-Right in the middle of my head...shining away in the daylight as if it were proud to be there....?
I'm officially old, 30 & gray!

~We now return to your regularly scheduled blog updates...~

No Pain No Gain...

Some things we became accustomed to seeing over the last few months:
Ron with & without his Wound-Vac Machine
Pain during Home Wound Care:
He called it "electrifying pain."-felt like he was being shocked. {just imagine all those nerve endings.}
Having Jax sit on his lap would somehow help ease the pain!

{Thanks to Tim's sister Carrie for taking in Ron for a few months, as we were able to see him on a regular basis ...more often than ever before!}

I personally have learned a lot from this experience of my Father In Laws. It goes so far deeper than I could ever explain or put on this blog of mine but here's just A few things that I've learned or been reminded of along the way:

~Ron is one of the strongest, most deserving people I know!....& I think he's beginning to realize that too.

~We all need someone to just listen to us...even if they don't have all the answers.

~Everything is easier to bear when there is family close by.

~In order to take care of others, we MUST take care of ourselves first!

~You find out who really 'has your back' & who your friends are when you are in need.

~We need our parents even when we are grown ups...and they need us too!

~Life has a lot to do with learning PATIENCE, Patience, Patience & Enduring to the end!

~FAITH precedes the Miracle!...don't give up hope.

~When you fall {or fail}...Get back up....literally.

~I learned about my husband in depth, where he comes from & why he is who he is.

~The Gospel is for no respecter of persons. "Every knee shall bow & every tongue shall confess...."

~We must all be depend on the matter how strong we may think we are; He must always be our rock. Jesus Christ bore all our pain. He knows what we are experiencing physically, mentally, emotionally & spiritually and is there to help us every step of the way....IF WE LET HIM.

~Trials bring Humility & in turn bring us closer to our Father In Heaven.

~Our Heavenly Father works in mysterious ways. Our worst experiences may become our greatest blessings.

{Ron is currently doing remarkably well. He is "cord free" other than his pick line for his I.V. meds and can get around pretty good on his crutches. He began the skin graft process & he is even driving and working quite a ladder climbing of course. We are SO Proud of him and all the progress he is making in so many different aspects of his life!}

~Here's to HEALING!~

Sunday, April 11, 2010

"Sunday Will Come"...

~I loved this Video entitled "Sunday will Come" with Elder Wirthlin, (who has since passed) speaking about death & the dark days (Fridays) we will all have...{sometimes there seem to be MANY of those days!} How wonderful it is to know that our "Sunday" will come when we are free of trial & pain...Because of Him.

*This one is great too: as modern day Apostles testify of Jesus Christ.

~Why don't we as Latter Day Saints use the traditional Christian Cross or crucifix as a symbol of our faith? ...Because we focus on Jesus Christ's Resurrection and not His Death. Although His death was an important part of the Plan, it was His Atonement that took place in the Garden of Gethsemane-where He sacrificed for our sins and gave us the ability to repent & be cleansed of them. He did overcome death...a terrible death, but was resurrected and in doing so allows us that same gift. Because of Jesus Christ EVERYONE will one day have perfectly resurrected bodies & live forever.

**My favorite Video (below) regarding the last week of our Savior's life.**

Did I mention I get to go there soon? Israel & see where Our Savior lived, was baptized, died, bore all all sins in the Garden of Gethsemane & where he rose that 3rd day.

Now won't that be a post?
~Happy Sunday....

Thursday, April 8, 2010


The Loot
{I love how:}
Kaylea has Jax clutched in her arm, Daylan's big grin & Spencer covering his big grin.
Easter Grass, Chocolate, Books & Peep~Fruit Loop Necklaces for Conference ( thx to gma kathy)
My Marvelous Sissy Sara got to spend Easter with us while everyone else was out of town.
We had fun making sugar cookies & coloring eggs.
Eggs hanging, Bunny-shaped Sugar Cookies, Eggs colored, & a Basket that Kaylea set out for us saying: "Mom & Dad"~she wanted to make sure the Easter Bunny didn't forget us too. She labeled it with our names on a piece of napkin...or maybe it was toiletpaper?....oh my little daughter.

This year Easter was a little different than the typical dressing up in our Sunday best and attending our regular 3 hour block...You see because this year was Easter Sunday & General Conference. We received wonderful instruction from our Prophet, Thomas Spencer Monson, His Apostles & other Church Leaders. I loved that there was a special emphasis on our Savior being that it was Easter and we celebrated Him & His Resurrection.

~We stayed in our jammies, got our our pens/paper & laptops to take notes & munched on Easter goodies while we listened.~

Grandpa Ron came over for the morning Session which was such a special treat. He said he enjoyed the whole session & said his favorite speaker was Pres. Uchtdorf. He brought over Easter cookies for us to decorate afterwards.
My parents & little bro Phylip were able to travel to SLC & attend in person. It was Phylip's first time watching it there in the Conference Center. My beauteous sister Brittany & her beau Nate also drove up to Utah & watched it in there in person. I don't think you can appreciate how grandiose the Center is unless you are inside & it's filled with people. The best part is when the Prophet walks in the room & you immediately get the chills. Everyone stands out of respect & the spirit is so strong....tears usually come....It's an experience everyone should have.

Meanwhile back at the Ranch:
{I've always wanted to say that.}

We watched the 2nd session of Conference with Uncle Tommy/Aunt Jozie, Aunt Sara & Coe. After the last session we had a yummy Easter Dinner complete with a delish (homemade) Honey Glazed Ham, Jozie's yummy rolls, my famous deviled eggs, potato salad, green salad & the typical Curtis Fresca frozen fruit drink.
.....Some of the Awesome people we like.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Easter Dress Pictures...

(taken the week prior)

Believe it or not this was the best picture we got:
{They are cute though aren't they?}
Don't believe me?....look below.
Do you think Jax & Kay are related?
.....The Infamous Campbell Pout!
I'll call this the TEETH picture...
{Kaylea-missing top 2, Jaxson showing bottom 2 & Spence using his for ..."bunny teeth.."}

~Side Notes:

~Feeling like doing some
{...just organized upstairs cupboards & now trying to talk myself into a Garden..;/}

~Did you love Conference or what? This time was extra special as we had Grandpa Ron over & also the Sara/Coe couple & Tom/Joze couple.

~Oh.. & Did anybody feel the Mexico Earthquake aftershocks?

~Happy 40th Birthday Heidi!!!~

Friday, April 2, 2010

~The Gifts of Easter~

Each year during the Easter season, the term Resurrection always has more meaning than normal. It seems as though people's physical pain & infirmities are magnified-or at least I'm just more aware of them. I try and utilize this opportunity to really make the gift of Resurrection REAL and more meaningful.

~Last year I remember:
*My body was big, pregnant & in a lot of pain. Although temporary, my pregnant self had a hard time seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. It was wonderful to know that the "pain" would eventually end. I knew that no matter what by May 21st my body would be free of the pain & pressure. Similarly we all must see that "light" at the end of the tunnel. Some day we will all receive the gift of Resurrection-a perfectly healthy body. Because of our Savior we will have this great gift.

*My family's long time next door neighbor died suddenly the week of Easter. I couldn't help but think about our Savior & the sadness that those who loved him experienced. I also contemplated him arising that 3rd day as a Resurrected Being to Mary Magdalene, His apostles, & those on the North American continent and knowing the joy they must have experienced.

~This year:
*My Father in Law Ron continues to struggle with his leg. Having faced the frightening situation of amputation, experiencing many surgeries, months of being immobilized & excruciating pain with his wound care.{And this was just the physical side of it.}Seeing him bear the pain brought tears to our eyes time after time. To know all the physical pain our Savior went through especially when it was all caused by others is just too much to comprehend. Also knowing that one day Ron will walk again with a perfectly healed left leg is an amazing thing!

*I can't help but think of the recent Death of little Peter from Church. How devastating that is...yet promising at the same time as we celebrate "Living again" this Easter season. (Our Bishop's father died unexpectedly just a few days after this, making him unavailable to conduct Peter's funeral as he grieved with his own family and was consoling his Mother.) I can't even bring my mind to fathom the idea of not seeing a loved one after they pass away. Because of our Savior, death is NOT the end & we will see our loved ones again.

*I think about my dear friend Alison...{she is a private person & is probably hating me right now for doing this.} In her young life of 30 years she has lost her father & her step father to death. In the past few years she has experienced horrific things as she has watched her dear husband Jeremy experience countless seizures. They have become so debilitating that he became completely unable to work & can't even leave the house without wearing a helmet. She continues on though, providing for their family in more ways than one, being a strength to her husband and her children. She is full of Faith, yet so humble and meek-a true disciple of Christ. {This week they are staying at the Mayo Clinic with 24 hour monitoring hoping to give them the answers they've been waiting for.} How wonderful it must be for her sweet husband to be reminded this Easter week, of the inevitable Resurrection of his own body...knowing that one day he will be free of these terrible, paralyzing seizures.

~I am so grateful to my Savior Jesus Christ, I stand all amazed at all that He has done for me; for us. His physical death & resurrection allow me & all who ever lived on this Earth the same opportunity to be resurrected...whether we ever repent or not. -And that's amazing! Surely a priceless gift to all. But then the accumulation of all gifts is His amazing Atonement where He suffered for each one of our sins, something I hope to fully comprehend some day. I am forever grateful & in debt to Him for these miraculous & generous gifts. Because of Him I can be with my family and those I love for Eternity. I shudder at the thought of that not being possible; if our lives & relationships were to end at death. Luckily this is not the case because of Him.

"Oh sweet the joy this sentence gives....
I know that my Redeemer Lives."

~Wishing you a Happy Easter to You & Your Family~

**GENERAL CONFERENCE** begins tomorrow at 9am. Can't wait! We will be blessed to hear for 2 days inspiring talks from Church leaders including our dear Prophet, President Monson. It will be extra special with it being Easter weekend as we focus on the Savior's Atonement & Resurrection.

*I think this Easter Sunday just might end up being my favorite day of the year...Sleeping in, the kids opening their baskets, Easter dinner with family & listening to our Prophet all in the comfort of my home.