Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Put me in coach...

...I'm ready to play.
So this was the 1st Volleyball game of my little brother's I had been able to come to....and guess what? The coach never put him in. They played against Gilbert & won the 1st game. They were about to win the 2nd game until suddenly they caught up to us and won. This brought it to a 3rd game that we lost...Errrr....

The most frustrating part was that Phyl really should have been put in. Ok I know I'm biased but I hear he's awesome. Even a lot of the parents were saying afterwards "If you would've been in we would've won this- no question." I swear I must curse ball games. Just Ask my Husband.

On the flip side though, it was great to be there & be reminded of how awesome my little Brother is. No really. He is the best sportsman, a great vocal & moral support to his teammates. And the best part is that he still will {{hug}} his mom, dad, sisters & nephews in public, and his peers still think he's the coolest!

Uh....Did I mention that Phylip was awesome...? This picture to the left is a cartoon self portrait that he drew!

......and this one of my sis Sara & my little guy Jax.

Ok I'm done bragging for now.

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Stephanie said...

POO... I miss out on all the good stuff. Thanks for posting picts:)