Thursday, April 8, 2010


The Loot
{I love how:}
Kaylea has Jax clutched in her arm, Daylan's big grin & Spencer covering his big grin.
Easter Grass, Chocolate, Books & Peep~Fruit Loop Necklaces for Conference ( thx to gma kathy)
My Marvelous Sissy Sara got to spend Easter with us while everyone else was out of town.
We had fun making sugar cookies & coloring eggs.
Eggs hanging, Bunny-shaped Sugar Cookies, Eggs colored, & a Basket that Kaylea set out for us saying: "Mom & Dad"~she wanted to make sure the Easter Bunny didn't forget us too. She labeled it with our names on a piece of napkin...or maybe it was toiletpaper?....oh my little daughter.

This year Easter was a little different than the typical dressing up in our Sunday best and attending our regular 3 hour block...You see because this year was Easter Sunday & General Conference. We received wonderful instruction from our Prophet, Thomas Spencer Monson, His Apostles & other Church Leaders. I loved that there was a special emphasis on our Savior being that it was Easter and we celebrated Him & His Resurrection.

~We stayed in our jammies, got our our pens/paper & laptops to take notes & munched on Easter goodies while we listened.~

Grandpa Ron came over for the morning Session which was such a special treat. He said he enjoyed the whole session & said his favorite speaker was Pres. Uchtdorf. He brought over Easter cookies for us to decorate afterwards.
My parents & little bro Phylip were able to travel to SLC & attend in person. It was Phylip's first time watching it there in the Conference Center. My beauteous sister Brittany & her beau Nate also drove up to Utah & watched it in there in person. I don't think you can appreciate how grandiose the Center is unless you are inside & it's filled with people. The best part is when the Prophet walks in the room & you immediately get the chills. Everyone stands out of respect & the spirit is so strong....tears usually come....It's an experience everyone should have.

Meanwhile back at the Ranch:
{I've always wanted to say that.}

We watched the 2nd session of Conference with Uncle Tommy/Aunt Jozie, Aunt Sara & Coe. After the last session we had a yummy Easter Dinner complete with a delish (homemade) Honey Glazed Ham, Jozie's yummy rolls, my famous deviled eggs, potato salad, green salad & the typical Curtis Fresca frozen fruit drink.
.....Some of the Awesome people we like.

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