Sunday, April 25, 2010

We should be in Israel today....

Anyone who knows me well knows that a common phrase I say is:
"Everything happens for a reason."

And for some reason we are not supposed to be in Israel right now. Tim's siblings & spouses had been given a trip to visit the Holy Land for Christmas by his parents. {Lonnie & Debbie had been there before with Lacey & Ashlyn and were going to be our tour guides.} We would be picking up their little sister Lacey who has been studying abroad for the semester at BYU-Jerusalem. Lacey was going to be showing us her home away from home... We had been counting down the days, preparing ourselves spiritually & were Ready to go Until we got a phone call giving us this news:
{photos from Tracey}
Tim's healthy, vibrant & young 57 year old Mom suffered a heart attack last week. We were all incredibly in shock. She eats healthy, lives the Word of Wisdom & is small & fit, but genetics are strong I guess. I think there was only a handful of things that would have kept us from going and Heavenly Father allowed it to be this one:
Here is Tim with his family that had flown in to be with his Mom:
Tiff, Mason, Carrie, Lonnie, Ashlyn, Tim & Tracey
(Brian came the next day) ..& Lacey was still in Israel.

{and for the record}:
Debbie we would gladly give up this trip just to know that you are going to be okay!

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Unknown said...

Oh guys, I am so sorry, we will def. keep her in our prayers. That is so scary. Hang in there, we love you~