Monday, April 12, 2010

No Pain No Gain...

Some things we became accustomed to seeing over the last few months:
Ron with & without his Wound-Vac Machine
Pain during Home Wound Care:
He called it "electrifying pain."-felt like he was being shocked. {just imagine all those nerve endings.}
Having Jax sit on his lap would somehow help ease the pain!

{Thanks to Tim's sister Carrie for taking in Ron for a few months, as we were able to see him on a regular basis ...more often than ever before!}

I personally have learned a lot from this experience of my Father In Laws. It goes so far deeper than I could ever explain or put on this blog of mine but here's just A few things that I've learned or been reminded of along the way:

~Ron is one of the strongest, most deserving people I know!....& I think he's beginning to realize that too.

~We all need someone to just listen to us...even if they don't have all the answers.

~Everything is easier to bear when there is family close by.

~In order to take care of others, we MUST take care of ourselves first!

~You find out who really 'has your back' & who your friends are when you are in need.

~We need our parents even when we are grown ups...and they need us too!

~Life has a lot to do with learning PATIENCE, Patience, Patience & Enduring to the end!

~FAITH precedes the Miracle!...don't give up hope.

~When you fall {or fail}...Get back up....literally.

~I learned about my husband in depth, where he comes from & why he is who he is.

~The Gospel is for no respecter of persons. "Every knee shall bow & every tongue shall confess...."

~We must all be depend on the matter how strong we may think we are; He must always be our rock. Jesus Christ bore all our pain. He knows what we are experiencing physically, mentally, emotionally & spiritually and is there to help us every step of the way....IF WE LET HIM.

~Trials bring Humility & in turn bring us closer to our Father In Heaven.

~Our Heavenly Father works in mysterious ways. Our worst experiences may become our greatest blessings.

{Ron is currently doing remarkably well. He is "cord free" other than his pick line for his I.V. meds and can get around pretty good on his crutches. He began the skin graft process & he is even driving and working quite a ladder climbing of course. We are SO Proud of him and all the progress he is making in so many different aspects of his life!}

~Here's to HEALING!~


MACEY said...

Sweet Sweet Post!!! It brought tears to my eyes. This has been a long road, but worth every tear shed. My father is an amazing man and so strong and determined. He loves his family!!! Thanks for all your support through this whole process and your beautiful words. I love you guys!!!

Unknown said...

Wow, that is so scary, what a brave, strong, man. I have never seen anything like that.