Sunday, January 31, 2010

Going to the Temple...

I was pleasantly surprised to get a phone call recently from a lady named Angela, whom I used to Visit Teach when we lived in Flagstaff. She is the mom to 5 kids, including her oldest Jonathan, a righteous young man who has decided to serve a Mission for the Church. Jonathan was recently called to serve in Argentina. Angela had not been through the Temple before and had the desire to go through for the first time with her son. I felt honored when asked if I would be the one to accompany her through for the first time.
It was so neat for me to witness the Gospel of Jesus Christ reaching hearts and building testimonies. While inside the temple I was there when the Temple President spoke to Angela and with tears in his eyes said...."I hope you know how special your son is..." He went on to say how great a missionary he would be and what an exciting time this was.

I was reminded of the Book of Mormon story: The Army of Helaman. 2,000 Stripling Young Warriors who had been taught by their mothers to believe in God and were protected as they went into battle.

Similarly I thought, here was a latter day young man willing to follow the Lord, overcome obstacles and be as his ancestors, one of those ancient righteous Lamanites.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Emmie...Her Story & Her "Special Day"

8 Years Ago sweet little Emmie was born into this world. I was privileged to be the room video taping the whole thing. Because of a lack of oxygen, she would live her life with Cerebral Palsy.
Precious, Angelic Emmie had come for just a time upon this earth and she was here to teach us. Doctors told her parents she probably wouldn't live past her 8th Birthday.... but she has proved them wrong.
Although, about 10 days shy of her 8th Birthday, something tragic happened. While laying on her parents bed she somehow got a blanket wrapped around her neck. When her mom Tiffany found her, she was blue and lifeless. The ambulance arrived and she was put on oxygen and I.V's until finally her color and vitals began to look okay. Another moment when her Heavenly Angels were surrounding and protecting her.

You see, it wasn't time for Emmie to go yet...

She had more to do....
Like Celebrate her 8th Birthday!
Isn't she Beautiful?
Emmie participated in the Program for all the kids in the Stake getting baptized the month of January. She had no need for baptism as taught in the Doctrine & Covenants, because she is not capable of committing sin. She was born pure and remains pure. We believe she had a special role in the Pre existence that eliminated her need to prove herself on earth. She came simply for a physical body and also to be a role model for us. Although her parents understood this, they naturally struggled with this decision. I loved their choice and even more so the wording on her Baptism Announcement.
Afterwards, we got to come to her Bday Party .....and the Checks don't mess around when it comes to parties.

Emmie had her Famous
Strawberry Shortcake Party complete with:
~Bounce House,
Yummy Carrabbas Catering
& Bubbles the Clown
...what more could you ask for?
You can find these adorable custom cakes here...

Thank you Emmie
for coming here to show us how to be more like our Savior!

Teaching Us:

8 Months Flew

....and I like to pull myself up to stand, climb up the stairs, crawl super speed, babble words like Mama, Dada & other words in my own language...oh yeah and fake cough too.
I stay busing teething, having gas & NOT sleeping!
I'm also known for Falling & getting bumps and bruises
for reasons like this:

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Recently from Kaylea....

to Mom & Dad
I made your bed For you
love Kaylea

Breakfast In Bed for Me:
Complete with Orange Juice, Raisin Bran, NutriGrain bar, Graham cracker & Chocolate Chip cookie. :)

Note To Dad:
"Dear dad I want you to no that I love you. You are nice to me. I am your angel princess. And I love you so so so so so so so so so so so so so much. I have chocolate for you on your card."
Saturday Lunch Snack:
Giant Marshmallows w/ chocolate chips, Crunch bar, 3 Tootsie Rolls, 5 Frosted Graham crackers w/ chocolate chips.

....Have I mentioned that
I love having a Daughter?....

Friday, January 15, 2010

This little Kaylea went to Soccer...

How great is this? Is it me or are the boys from the other team a mile away from catching up to her?

Thanks to {my photographer friend} Jodi for this picture. As luck would have it our girls are on the same soccer team & I was the beneficiary of receiving this.

Kaylea has looked forward so much to playing soccer this season. Her little heart beats so fast before each game with excitement.

This game was soon after we received the news of a possible amputation for 'Grandpa Ron.' She insisted the game must go on and played with Uncle Tommy & Aunt Jozie watching her while Tim & I were at the Hospital with Ron for another surgery.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Cardinals Fans

Can I get a "Woot Woot?"

Nothing better than seeing my Husband do a Happy dance around the room!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Not a great start to the Year....

{**Warning: graphic photos...not for the weak of heart}

Last week on the Monday after Christmas Break, my Father N Law's world came crashing down as HE came crashing down off a ladder. He, who my kids refer to as Grandpa Ron, shattered his heel and will face a LONG Recovery complete with surgeries, pain and a lot of sitting down. Because the bones shattered into many pieces he is experiencing painful "fracture blisters."

.....Post Edit......
Little did I know that when taking the photos of Ron he already had a major infection in his leg that would bring him close to amputation. The day after this picture was taken he had emergency surgery....more of that story later.

Then about an hour after he was released from the Sister N Laws family was brought by ambulance to the same Hospital. They were hit by a lady that was most likely texting. Poor little Ava needed stitches and got beat up pretty bad on her eye. Emmie & a friend were okay, while the baby Elsie had a minor owie. Tiffany & Jason got whiplash, bruising & teeth chipped but we are just glad everyone is okay.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

The Flamingo Society

Spencer has been in ELP this year but was just inducted into the elite Flamingo Society within the ELP group. {I'm not even smart enough to figure out what that really even means.}
....but I sure do love my smartie pants Spence.
Here are the latest inductees from 2nd -4th grade.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

All I want{ed} for Christmas.....

...Was his 2 Front Teeth!

It only took 4 {long} months!
The 1st tooth appeared December 24th {A Christmas Miracle-..allowing me a much needed good night's sleep that night! } The 2nd one came January 3rd..
Spotting these little white beauties was like spotting gold!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Boxes & More Boxes....

What the heck are in all these boxes?
.....& why does my garage look like this?
....Food Storage? Nope
....Amway? No way

Whatever it is there is a lot of it.

"It" is a product we believe in &
......HOPEFULLY is coming to a store near you!

{cross your fingers!}

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Ringin' in the N*w Year

This year Tim's sister Tiffany {& Jason Check} threw a shin dig at their {beautiful} house
on New Years Eve....and let me tell you it was hoppin'! It was for family & family of family. They had rented out casino tables that came with real dealers, but we played for fake money of course. My now Repented-Gambler-Husband was in Heaven as there were Blackjack, Poker & Craps Tables set up throughout their house. There were some fun prizes for the ones who were the big winners at the end of the little Sis Steph being one of them.Tim was a big hit at the Craps table as he continued to roll good. He cracked me up as he kept saying..."C'mon Papa needs a new pair of shoes..." For the most part I just took pictures and enjoyed the company. (This actual moment was one of the last times we would see Ron -Tim's Dad standing next to him- 4 days before his accident.)