Sunday, August 29, 2010

~Honoring Emmie~

♔~Princess ❤ Emmie~♔
Tim is on far side in the back...limping. Don't ask.
He used crutches the whole day but insisted he must carry Emmie's casket...& so he did.
My heart hurts looking at their faces.
We weren't out there long because it was so extremely hot but Jason gave another of his beautiful prayers as he dedicated the grave.
I think Emmie didn't want the sadness prolonged & wanted everyone to hurry over to the celebration.
After Emmie's Burial there was the most beautiful luncheon put on thanks to their ward's Relief Society & some creatively talented friends. Tiff & Jason's ward family was amazing. They loved Emmie so much & showed in with all their help in the preparations.
Really... It was BEAUTIFUL.
There was a beautiful chandelier hanging & fabric draped across the ceiling!
We knew this Luncheon was going to be special from the beginning. Because Emmie would not be celebrating her 16th Birthday or Wedding Reception, Tiff wanted to make this bigger than the average funeral luncheon & celebrate her in a memorable Emmie-worthy way.
We honored Emmie
...❤ Strawberry Shortcake Style
Jax helping his dad walk...
Emmie's Boy Cousins Eyeing the Adorable Candy Jars
That Girl's so sweet just like her name...

 ~Emmie~ We love you.
 Be with us. Remind us who we are, where we came from, 
who we want to become & where we are going.
Thanks for showing us these things and for leading the way back 
to our Father in Heaven & Savior Jesus Christ. 

Friday, August 27, 2010

What Love is all about...

*Read these sweet words written from a 
loving husband to his mourning wife. 

Friday, August 20, 2010

The Funeral...

{Funeral Program-back & front cover}
{inside of Program}

It was a beautiful was beyond Hot outside, but inside the chapel was beautiful in every way. Beautiful with Decor~ with Emmie's earthly possessions, dolls, trinkets & most beloved Photos; My favorite~the painting of Emmie & her mother with Christ reaching out to her as she begins to walk to Him. The Beautiful Spirit~ that dwelt there of Heaven: Emmie, God, His Angels, Our Savior Jesus Christ & the Comforter-the Holy Ghost. Every face seen that day looked a little sweeter, a little prettier even with tears & mascara running down faces. Beautiful Words Spoken~by Grandpa (Lonnie) McCleve & Bishop Wright on the Plan of Salvation, Prayers by Grandmothers Cindy, Debbie & Aunt Tracey. The Life Sketch given by parents Tiffany & Jason as they included everyone there in on some of their sweetest Earthly moments with Emmie. And Beautiful Music~ that touched every heart present. A lovely video played in the foyer made by Aunt Carrie full of Emmie's Life photos & footage. Wonderful Violin Prelude/Postlude played by my sisters. I too felt honored to help provide music with the piano as Aunts Lacey & Ashlyn sang "In This Very Room." Another number was sung by Emmie's girl cousins {Sophie, Taylor, Kaylea, Macey, Melissa, Natalie & sister Ava & aunt Ash too} singing:  "A Child's Prayer." 
"Heavenly Father, Are you really there? And do you hear & answer every child's prayer? Some say that Heaven is far away, But I feel it close around me as I Pray..."
They don't come any prettier than this...
Look at that smile
"Pray He is There, Speak He is listening. You are His Child. His love now surrounds you. He hears your Prayer, He loves the Children. Of such is the Kingdom, the Kingdom of Heaven."

The Viewing...

Elsie, Ava & Emmie
~Sisters Watching Over Sisters~

Them watching over her, She watching over them
Kaylea said that little sister Elsie (age 2) continued to tell people throughout the evening:
"Sshhhh...Emmie's Sleeping"
~Check Family~ 
Photos by Kristyn McBride 
It was amazing to see the hundreds of people that came into the Check home the night of Emmie's Viewing. For a little girl who never spoke a word, she sure influenced a lot of people. Friends, Neighbors, Extended Family & Ward Members came and gave their condolences to Tiffany & Jason and to see beautiful Emmie one last time. Emmie looked whole; She looked happy & content. It was very obvious she was not in her body although you could still feel her presence in the room.
Throughout the evening my little Jaxson (15 months) would point his finger over to Emmie's casket every time we walked by this room:
He'd lean that direction & insist I walk him over there. So at least a dozen times, I walked him over & we would just stand there on the left side..trying to stay out of the way of all others who came to see her. Jax would stare at Emmie very reverently each time...(except for once when he tried to dive in.) I honestly believe that The Veil is thin & these tender young spirits remember something about the Heaven they came from & where those who pass over have gone.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Tender Last Moments...

~Families Are Forever~
Emmie left the hospital yesterday with her parents & was brought to their home so they could all be more comfortable. (Photo taken upon arriving home from the Hospital by family friend Kristyn McBride.) There has been a tremendous amount of visitors both at home & the hospital and I think Emmie felt like she couldn't leave yet if it was her own party. I was so grateful my older kids had the opportunity last night to go in, sit on the bed next to Emmie, hold her hand & say their goodbyes.

I left that evening a little after bedtime to take the kids home & put them to bed. Tim left later and got to spend more time there with his family. We got to bed a while after midnight & then got a phone call about 1:00am saying things were looking like Emmie was getting close to going. Her breathing was shallow & not consistent. Tim got picked up soon afterwards by his parent & sisters and they & other family members all stayed the night there at the foot of the bed Emmie lay in. They said the Spirit was so remarkably strong there throughout the night...(& you could feel it so strongly there today.)
They thought Emmie had entered Heaven's presence a few times during the night...but she would jump right back into that body of hers still fighting. There were over 20 people sleeping on floors/couches waiting for the moment when Emmie would choose to leave her Earthly body. This angelic, fragile little body has a fighter spirit. I think she just hurt to see her Mom, Dad, sisters & family in pain and it was hard for her to leave them.

This morning I felt like the luckiest lady alive as I got to spend my own little one on one time with Emmie. Just me and her- even if it were just for a few minutes. It was out of the normal that there were not a lot of people around..Because of course now they were mostly all sleeping. I whispered some special words to her & I knew she was listening. I know people have had many special experiences the last few days regarding Emmie that are too sacred to type in a blog setting, but ones that will never be forgotten. The Gospel is true & I know it as we have all been surrounded by the presence of Heaven in recent days.
We began praying this afternoon for those on the other side of the veil to help convince her to pass over completely. Sweet little Emmie was holding on for everyone else & had to keep being reminded that it was okay for her to let go....and I think that's just what she needed. She began to pass away in her mother & father's arms as just the 3 of them lay in bed that's how Emmie wanted it to be. The way it all played out was beautiful.

Emmie Rae Check left her Earthly body this afternoon at 3:50pm & entered into the presence of her Father in Heaven.

I can't imagine the pain Tiff & Jason have to be feeling right now...Maybe mine times a million. All I know is it has been the most heart wrenching thing I've ever witnessed to see a mother in so much agony as she loses a child. As much as the Plan of Salvation must comfort them at a time like this, it must all seem just so far away. That seeing her again is so far away. We pray that there can be continued comfort given to the Check's at this most unbearable time. We hope that Tiffany & Jason can lay up their most heavy burdens upon the Lord so that He can carry it for them.
Nothing like a Mother's Love
This evening was Heavenly & Beautiful yet Tragic & Devastating all at the same time. The hardest thing I've ever witnessed was tonight when Jason walked out of his bedroom carrying his sweet daughter in his arms, Tiffany clinging to his side. Family members grieving as he walked her outside to the Mortician. It just happened to be right at the time of the most beautiful sunset. The pink rays of the sun shone down on Emmie's body & those who loved her. There must have been 40 people out on the grass to witness, support and grieve over this most precious Daughter of God. The hardest part was when little sister Ava began to bawl saying "No Emmie, Don't Leave!"    

~We pray that the amazing spirit of Peace that has been in their home this last day will continue; Because without it, life will now seem unbearable for them.~

Tonight I will squeeze my kids a little tighter & stay on my knees a little longer.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Princess Emmie

Update: {Yesterday was another hard day. Tiffany & Jason were given even more bad news about Emmie. Her brain has even more swelling now at this point on top of all the extensive brain damage. Her frail body can only take a few more doses of the medication that is helping the swelling. After she receives that today they will most likely be taking her home & having Hospice care come in. Although we are still hoping for that miracle, we feel that Heavenly Father might be answering our prayers in a different sense. We have been praying specifically to God to let "His will be known."...and maybe that's what He is doing.}
Please continue to Pray for Peace & Comfort to Tiffany, Jason & Family. We all are feeling the strength from the hundreds of Prayers offered up. Last night in the Hospital Room amidst the despair there was still a great sense of peace. And there were Angels could feel them.

Emmie, Ava & Kaylea
~Thanksgiving 2006~

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Fear Not, Believe Only....

Photo by Aunt Tracey
The other night I had a dream. It was very short but very vivid. Emmie was starting to wake up after having been heavily sedated for a time. Her dad Jason was holding her in his arms and suddenly Emmie opened her eyes and looked into his. He exclaimed.. "Emmie!" ....And then I suddenly woke up! I wish I knew the beginning and end of that dream, but I know that my heart was pounding when I awoke in the middle of the night from it.

Please continue your prayers for this little Angel Emmie. Wake up sweet Emmie if you can; we miss you.
The latest updates on Emmie are here.

Monday, August 9, 2010

The Ups & Downs...

Photo taken July 20, 2010 
Update: Emmie continues to be on a Ventilator although they are trying to wean her from it. There have been ups & downs since she has been in the hospital these last few days. Last night was one of the biggest blows as we received devastating news after the MRI. There has been "new extensive brain damage" & major swelling in the brain. I think the other side of the veil is pulling for her but so are we! It is all in the hands of the Lord. Last night we knelt around Emmie's Hospital Bed as Jason gave a beautiful Family Prayer. He said some powerful things like: "Thy will be done." I think as hard as it was to say that it might somewhat remove the burden of knowing exactly what to do. Knowing that our Father in Heaven is 'all-knowing' & knows the 'beginning from the end' is so extremely comforting. He knows our wishes.. but it is up to Him. It is all in His hands.

Please pray for Tiffany, Emmie's Mom to have strength & a sense of peace. It is so devastating to see her in so much pain. Yesterday for the most part (before the MRI news) was a good day. Tiffany says she literally can feel the strength from hundreds of prayers & faith in fasting. She will need continued strength in the coming days, especially as she carries this unborn little boy coming in October/November.
We ♡ this Sweet Angel 

Sunday, August 8, 2010


Tim's Birthday was not the typical day this year. We spent a good portion of the day in the Hospital with Emmie & family. We got to go to the Temple and do a session with Carrie & Mason. (thanks to Aunt Brittany)  Before we had such a pressing reason to go to the Temple, I had asked Tim what he wanted to do on his Birthday and he had already said that he wanted the two of us to go so it was already in the works. It was convenient to jump on the freeway from Cardon's Childrens Hospital & go straight to the Temple. We prayed for peace & enlightenment. We had a Family Fast that day on Tim's Birthday for sweet Emmie & broke our fast together as we met afterwards at a yum Mexican Restaurant to eat. 

Later that evening we arrived home & as we drove up saw this sign on our door
Thanks to our daughter, Tim experienced some Birthday decor & fun {when I wasn't quite in the balloon-singing mood.} She wrapped his gifts and everything. Luckily I had a cake out in the freezer I had bought a few days earlier. Notice we didn't even take it out of the box.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Please Pray for Emmie...

Today on Tim's 36th Birthday our hearts are heavy....

Read why HERE.

Going to the Temple soon to plead with God to protect them. Please Fast & Pray with us.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Filling Up Grandma & Grandpa's Pool....

One Drop At A Time....
Jaxson feeling really important!
He is now obsessed with all water hoses & faucets....Future Fire Fighter?

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Laguna Beach....

Recently we took our Summer Family Trip to Laguna Beach. Over the last 5 or 6 years we have been lucky enough to visit a couple times each year as Tim's parents have had a home there. Well those days have sadly come to an end because they are moving have moved to Queen Creek. Good news is that they'll be closer to us...really close. Bad news is we have no place to stay now...meaning we won't be back anytime soon.

(Do you want to squish those cheeks or what?)
We packed up the family & car and headed to Laguna with Aunt Lacey in tow. We should have brought their dog "Bear" with us but didn't realize it until it was too late...something I'll always regret not doing.  
{refer to "Bear" post}

When we arrived, it was what the locals call "June-Gloom"; Overcast, drizzly weather although it was now well into July. People kept apologizing for the weather....almost comical to us.

Being the native Valley Arizonans that we are, we were in hog heaven enjoying the cool, cloudy, chilly weather. We even got to wear long sleeves & were loving it!

Some things we will miss in Laguna Beach:
~The Fantastic Beach access~!
~The feel of cool ocean water on your feet...
~Falling Asleep to the sounds of the Ocean~
~Jumping the Waves~!...Can you see Spencer's head?

Jax loving {~The Indoor Pool~}
The kids will surely miss this!
~Getting Hit By Waves~...will only kinda miss that!
~Cute boys showing off their muscles~
~Enjoying the View~

~Making Sand Creations~ with Cousins & watching the WAVES wash them away!
How precious is he...?
What's my Mom doing?
While in Laguna, my 31st Birthday came & went. It was a good day as the kids played at Grandmas while Tim took me out. We grabbed crepes for Breakfast, got foot massages, shopped a little & saw the movie Eclipse (I had a lot of the 1 liners memorized & talked along with the movie.-Reminded me of our first date almost 12 years ago when I quoted half the play. Annoying-but I can't help it!) When Tim & I got back, we took all the kids down to The Beach of course and spent the evening down there.

Later that night, the kids, cousins & I celebrated with chocolate cake made by Tim. I also opened my plethora of cards like this cherished one:

(I have a tail...) I'm pretty much famous
My inlaws lived in this particular house for about a year & a half. It was one of Elvis' homes back in the day. The coolest part of the house is this bell on the back deck that looks over the ocean. Supposedly Elvis would ring this bell when he saw a girl down on the beach that he wanted to come up the beach steps and meet.

{As you can see, over the course of the days the Sun came out

And as you can see- So did the People!}

'So Long Laguna Beach
Hope to see you sometime soon-
...before I'm 50.