Sunday, August 29, 2010

~Honoring Emmie~

♔~Princess ❤ Emmie~♔
Tim is on far side in the back...limping. Don't ask.
He used crutches the whole day but insisted he must carry Emmie's casket...& so he did.
My heart hurts looking at their faces.
We weren't out there long because it was so extremely hot but Jason gave another of his beautiful prayers as he dedicated the grave.
I think Emmie didn't want the sadness prolonged & wanted everyone to hurry over to the celebration.
After Emmie's Burial there was the most beautiful luncheon put on thanks to their ward's Relief Society & some creatively talented friends. Tiff & Jason's ward family was amazing. They loved Emmie so much & showed in with all their help in the preparations.
Really... It was BEAUTIFUL.
There was a beautiful chandelier hanging & fabric draped across the ceiling!
We knew this Luncheon was going to be special from the beginning. Because Emmie would not be celebrating her 16th Birthday or Wedding Reception, Tiff wanted to make this bigger than the average funeral luncheon & celebrate her in a memorable Emmie-worthy way.
We honored Emmie
...❤ Strawberry Shortcake Style
Jax helping his dad walk...
Emmie's Boy Cousins Eyeing the Adorable Candy Jars
That Girl's so sweet just like her name...

 ~Emmie~ We love you.
 Be with us. Remind us who we are, where we came from, 
who we want to become & where we are going.
Thanks for showing us these things and for leading the way back 
to our Father in Heaven & Savior Jesus Christ.