Friday, August 20, 2010

The Funeral...

{Funeral Program-back & front cover}
{inside of Program}

It was a beautiful was beyond Hot outside, but inside the chapel was beautiful in every way. Beautiful with Decor~ with Emmie's earthly possessions, dolls, trinkets & most beloved Photos; My favorite~the painting of Emmie & her mother with Christ reaching out to her as she begins to walk to Him. The Beautiful Spirit~ that dwelt there of Heaven: Emmie, God, His Angels, Our Savior Jesus Christ & the Comforter-the Holy Ghost. Every face seen that day looked a little sweeter, a little prettier even with tears & mascara running down faces. Beautiful Words Spoken~by Grandpa (Lonnie) McCleve & Bishop Wright on the Plan of Salvation, Prayers by Grandmothers Cindy, Debbie & Aunt Tracey. The Life Sketch given by parents Tiffany & Jason as they included everyone there in on some of their sweetest Earthly moments with Emmie. And Beautiful Music~ that touched every heart present. A lovely video played in the foyer made by Aunt Carrie full of Emmie's Life photos & footage. Wonderful Violin Prelude/Postlude played by my sisters. I too felt honored to help provide music with the piano as Aunts Lacey & Ashlyn sang "In This Very Room." Another number was sung by Emmie's girl cousins {Sophie, Taylor, Kaylea, Macey, Melissa, Natalie & sister Ava & aunt Ash too} singing:  "A Child's Prayer." 
"Heavenly Father, Are you really there? And do you hear & answer every child's prayer? Some say that Heaven is far away, But I feel it close around me as I Pray..."
They don't come any prettier than this...
Look at that smile
"Pray He is There, Speak He is listening. You are His Child. His love now surrounds you. He hears your Prayer, He loves the Children. Of such is the Kingdom, the Kingdom of Heaven."


kwistin said...

Audra, when you first posted about Emmie on Aug 7, I read that post and curiously clicked the link to their family's blog. I was so sad to hear what had happened, and I prayed for their strength.

Now, I had a chance to check your blog again, to find this post. Confused, I looked through the others I'd missed between times. Reading through the updates, I realized I found tears welling up in my eyes.

Thank you for spreading Emmie's light through your blog to someone who never met her, but wants to be better because of her. I'm sure she had that influence on many many people.

How much more sweet did heaven get when she arrived!

A day in the life of the Campbell's said...

Once again your words are perfect. It was truly an amazing day and forever a beautiful memory. Thank you for your part that you did and for being such a sweet daughter of our Heavenly Father.

Lacey said...

I loved what you labeled the last picture of her. Truly, the life she lived was celestial. Beautiful words Audra, as always. I keep scrolling up to see that angelic picture of her blessing day...Just looking at it makes me want to be so much better so I can be with her.