Monday, August 9, 2010

The Ups & Downs...

Photo taken July 20, 2010 
Update: Emmie continues to be on a Ventilator although they are trying to wean her from it. There have been ups & downs since she has been in the hospital these last few days. Last night was one of the biggest blows as we received devastating news after the MRI. There has been "new extensive brain damage" & major swelling in the brain. I think the other side of the veil is pulling for her but so are we! It is all in the hands of the Lord. Last night we knelt around Emmie's Hospital Bed as Jason gave a beautiful Family Prayer. He said some powerful things like: "Thy will be done." I think as hard as it was to say that it might somewhat remove the burden of knowing exactly what to do. Knowing that our Father in Heaven is 'all-knowing' & knows the 'beginning from the end' is so extremely comforting. He knows our wishes.. but it is up to Him. It is all in His hands.

Please pray for Tiffany, Emmie's Mom to have strength & a sense of peace. It is so devastating to see her in so much pain. Yesterday for the most part (before the MRI news) was a good day. Tiffany says she literally can feel the strength from hundreds of prayers & faith in fasting. She will need continued strength in the coming days, especially as she carries this unborn little boy coming in October/November.
We ♡ this Sweet Angel 


Becky said...

Just wanted to let you know they're in our prayers. I'm glad they're putting their trust in the Lord. He always works things out for the best. We love you!

A day in the life of the Campbell's said...

what a beautiful post. We were there on Sunday and left before you guys came but we feel the same and hope that Tiffany and Jason will be able to get through this horrible trial. We are praying for Emmie and her family.