Sunday, November 30, 2008

*Happy 19th Birthday Lacey*

Lacey & Spencer Legoland (2001)
I love this picture of them!

I love this one too! I remember back in 2000 lining up all the kiddos from oldest to youngest. (Would you believe that now these same kiddos now range from college to just baptized!)

New York 2007

Lace & Ash

Lace & Miley Ash
Happy Happy Birthday Lacey dear, Happy days will come to you all year. 
If I had a wish than it would be a Happy Happy Birthday to you from me!

~Lacey turns 19 today & has begun a new chapter of her life up at BYU in Provo. ✈ She enjoys her classes there especially her Book of Mormon class taught by John Bytheway. Lacey has always been a good student who really enjoys learning!✍

~She is talented musician who loves playing the piano & does a great job doing it! Lacey & Ashlyn both have wonderful singing voices as well with perfect pitch & harmony with each other.

~I always first think of Lacey as the little girl 
I met when I began dating Tim. She at the age of 9 talked as if she were 15. I remember her snuggling with Tim & saying ..."remember when you would tell me the story of the 3 kisses?" (I knew by the way Tim treated his little sisters that he would be a great Dad!) They loved much so that one time they spent the night after we first were married & Lacey insisted on sleeping between the two of us! I've never let her live that one down!! (blushing yet Lace?)

~She has grown into a strong, beautiful young lady. It's so strange to think she is now the age that I was when Tim & I were dating. (Again it gives me a wake up call to how quickly my own kiddos will grow up.)

~Lacey is one who is always full of dramatics ♔ & continues to make us laugh with her one liners. She constantly has a smile on her face & is a genuinely happy person.

~Lace is a girl who sets goals and attains them. You will hear her say things like: "I WILL go to BYU.." "I WILL marry Jordan."  "I WILL be a fashion designer."..."I WILL have a daughter named Scottland." And don't her tell she won't do any of these things cuz she'll prove you wrong. 

~Aunt Lacey continues to be a good example to all of her nieces & nephews & is aware that they are look up to her. She makes sure & tells them how she feels about the gospel & about what's most important.

We wanted to wish you LCEY a Happy Birthday & tell you we lve yu!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

*Thanksgiving Thanks*

What I'm especially
thankful for lately:

*I'm thankful that I am not changing poopie diapers right now as I'm in this nauseous stage of pregnancy! (a first!)

*I'm thankful that we've been able to live off our savings & investments for as long as we have.

*I'm thankful for the safety & protection of the Temples & the saints after the elections.

*I'm thankful for my testimony of the Gospel & for the inspiration I receive as it helps me visualize our current world with an eternal perspective. 

*I'm thankful for sleep. Ah...isn't sleep wonderful!

*I'm thankful that my Mom had us over for dinner every Sunday this month as she knew how hard it's been for me to be around & prepare food as I've been so nauseous.

*I'm thankful for my wonderful children & husband. There is nothing better than all of us snuggling up in blankets together & watching a movie. 

*I'm thankful for this time of year.-To be with family, for the weather, smells & the sounds of the season! I LOVE the week of Thanksgiving & beginning of Christmas season..

*I'm thankful to have so many siblings. Growing up I often wondered if I really thought that. But I really really do. There's always someone around to laugh with and I can't wait till soon we're all together again..

*What Are You Thankful For This Year?*

Monday, November 24, 2008

*Happy Birthday Danny!*

My little brother celebrates his 21st Birthday today!
 He was a pretty heavy baby for a skinny little 9 year old girl to carry around. 
That kid loved to eat!
Brit, Me & our rascal brother Danny!
Whenever it was someone's birthday, Danny would always dress up as Krusty the Clown. He'd ring the doorbell & surprise whosever birthday it was. He made birthdays special so hopefully his will be special today as well!
(Danny & Tommy-Laurel & Hardy)

Oh Danny-always getting into something. Danny was seriously the funniest kid ever although this did occasionally get him into trouble. I'll never forget the story of him at Deseret Book Store. As my Dad sat in a chair waiting for my Mom, Danny I think was standing next to him. A bigger lady came walking by & I guess Danny felt like her bum was in his way so he decided to poke at it. No he was not a toddler he was a boy who knew better but I guess he thought it would be funny. The lady turned around & before my Dad could scold Danny, the lady looked at my Dad in shock! 
Or there was the time we had just moved to Gilbert (6th grade) & my new "friends" came over & we were out in the driveway. All the sudden Danny starts throwing all my training bras & underwear off the balcony. I wanted to ring his neck!! These were the kind of embarrassing things he'd do back then & we would just die! Now we just laugh & laugh. 

When DANNY has a grin on his face it immediately puts a grin on yours. He has a way about him that just makes you laugh. Danny is such a fun Uncle cuz he can be just as silly as the kids.

He is a Mama's boy and even as a teenager had no qualms about giving his mom, sisters, dad or even brothers a hug. Danny is real. He is who he is. He's never tried to be someone he wasn't. Danny has stayed true to his values even if it meant losing friends over it.

Today on Danny's birthday, he is serving. He is serving the people of South Korea as a missionary for the church. Not only does he preach to the people our religion, him & his companion (like most other missionaries) will go out & just look for ways they can serve the community. They teach English, help little old ladies cross the street, you know the typical stuff. He said it's really cold there now and sometimes it's hard to get his lips to move. Poor little Arizona boy. -But he is LOVING it & I've never seen him happier. We know that "...when ye are in the service of your fellow beings, ye are only in the service of your God." ~Mosiah 2:17  *This could explain his pure joy!

So we just wanted to say to our Danny:

Happy Birthday 

& Thanksgiving!

This is the last Birthday & Thanksgiving Danny will be spending in South Korea as a missionary.
I'm sure the Korean people will miss him but we are 
THRILLED to have him home in February!
Can't wait to see you soon!
 *We Love You*

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Tagged again!

Tagged by Natalie Evans:
So here goes my random/weird facts:

1. I always HAVE to have "lip stuff" on my nightstand, pocket, purse & car. Gotta have moist lips!

2. I love a TOUGH back massage.
 It has to be so hard it hurts!

3. I have never & will never be a morning person. (kinda wish I could be sometimes though) A true "Late Owl" here!

4. My camera is always within an arms distance. I keep it in my purse cuz you never know when there will be a great photo-op!

5. I make up silly dances and songs to make my kids laugh.

6. I have a weird "face talent." I can recognize a face and know right then where I know them from. Even if it's been 20 years. My brain automatically calculates weight & age progression. Sometimes I 
pretend I don't remember though if I can't remember their name or if I'm too shy. Even if I don't "know" know them, I can tell you who their related to that I know & probably some random detail.

7. My feet have to always be spotless CLEAN or I wig out. (walking outside 3 steps w/out shoes makes me cringe.

*OK so now I TAG my 7 people:

Becky (Macias)
Jamie (Mehan)

& whoever else feels like doing it because I LOVE reading random details about friends:)

*What are quirks of yours? & Can you help me think of some more of mine? (for journaling purposes) *One I just thought of is that I stare at & examine each bite of food before I eat it.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

*Our Baby*

Yesterday Tim & I got to witness this above site together ~our little Baby Campbell~ through ultrasound. It never ceases to amaze me the miracle of being able to see your growing baby moving & kicking on a screen. I believe you can even start to see personality at this early stage. And I am baffled how someone could say this is not a living person!?! The baby has FINGERS (which it was sucking on), TOES (which it kicked around for us to see.) At this stage the baby's circulatory & digestive systems, pancreas & liver begin early functions. 
*And this is the size.....*
I am just shy of 12 weeks and this is now the actual size of our baby 
& the level of progression it is at. Although it's a little plastic baby, it still brings tears to my eyes to visualize the baby Heavenly Father has blessed us with. 
Miracles I tell you..miracles.

At last...a Name!

~Miley Ash Lundell~

Little Tate's in for a big change!

Baby #5

~Macey & Miley

*Happy 12th Birthday Natalie

Cheerleader Natalie!

(Finally getting her baby sister Claire)

Nat & Kay DisneyWorld ride-2006

Natalie celebrates her 12th Birthday today! Ah...When does a child become a teenager?....far too soon. 

☆Sweet Natalie has always been a fun cousin for Kaylea to look up to. She helps the kids put on fashion shows or dances. Natalie is a great big sister & helper to her Mom. She is a natural with little ones & will be a great mother some day.  

☆Natalie is extremely creative & talented. It all comes so naturally & it's as if she gets to simply choose what talents she'd like to develop. She is an artist, a musician, a cheerleader, a peacemaker. 

☆Natalie has a tender heart & is sensitive to the spiritWhen I think of her, I think of the times that she teared up from feeling the Holy Ghost whisper truths to her. 

☆That Natalie is a special girl-who is quickly becoming a fantastic young woman. Don't grow up too quickly little lady!


Have a Wonderful Birthday Natalie!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

*Puerto Vallarta*

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
=alone time
=10 year pre-anniversary celebration

We were able to escape for a couple days to Puerto Vallarta to an all inclusive resort The Vallarta Palace. We didn't hardly do anything...and it was AWESOME. We just hung out on the beach, at the pools, went to dinner, shows & acted like kids. Tim & I spied on other people at the resort-the drunks & the weirdies and have decided we should become private investigators. 
~Funny how childlike we can act 
when we have no kids around to make us act like grown ups!~
I convinced Tim to jump waves with me in the ocean!
Can you see my "baby bump"?

My collection of seashells for the kids

Two sites I saw often: Tim reading & Tim eating!
The Church in Puerto Vallarta
(Tim enjoyed singing the hymns in Spanish (loudly)
-I pretended I didn't know him)

(the view from our balcony)

Beautiful Sunsets every evening!
How could someone witness this site and not believe in God?
Hasta Luego!