Sunday, November 9, 2008

*Hola from Mexico*

For our kids back home: 

Hi guys so here's Mom & Dad in our hotel room today after we went to church. Do you see the heart made out of towels?
The view from our room. 
Can you see the pools, 
the beach & the para-sailer?
I forgot to bring the cord for my camera to attach to the computer so I can just show you pictures from my laptop for now. 

Be good for Grandma & Grandpa!


kwistin said...

I'm not one of your kids back at home, but I love that you wrote this for them! Mexico???

Tracey said...

Awww... I'm jealous! What part of Mexico are you in and how are you feeling? Have fun I wish I were you!

Fauset Photography said... FUN!

Frolicking Night Owl said...

Ya ... where in Mexico are you? I think it's so nice that you & Tim take trips together ... just the two of you. Neither of our parents really do much of that, so I think it's something Joel & I don't really think about or consider ... plus being students kinda puts a damper on things ... I'll have to put it on my "Someday" list. :)

Lacey said...

you look SO pretty, wow! haha i love tim's fake smile!

Unknown said...

SO fun, Jeremy and I need to save up and take a trip one of these days, we have been on an overnight once, but it was only like 36 hours long, we seriously need a vacation away together. You guys enjoy the beaches, pools, legos ;) food and all the fun of being alone together. Have fun and be safe!

Church Family said...


Man talk about bawl fest! I guess it had been awhile since I had last read your blog. Your sweet sweet little book to your kids was priceless. Congratulations. Bawl bawl. Then reading your post about your friends back in Gilbert. I am so sad that the possibility of coming back here might not happen. BTW-the house next to us (not behind us) went up for auction, sold, now is up for sale again. Just so you know :).
We miss you guys. Why don't you just bring the kids down for a day at the Church's and you can go rest, shop. Whatever. Have a great time in Mexico.

Kathy said...

This is Spencer's comment:

Hope you have a good time on your trip Mom and Dad.

I love you. Bye, bye!


Raich said...

ha ha,, i finally got a chance to stop by and love your new background, thought it's fall and christmasey...enjoy your trip, don't be too sick...:)