Sunday, November 30, 2008

*Happy 19th Birthday Lacey*

Lacey & Spencer Legoland (2001)
I love this picture of them!

I love this one too! I remember back in 2000 lining up all the kiddos from oldest to youngest. (Would you believe that now these same kiddos now range from college to just baptized!)

New York 2007

Lace & Ash

Lace & Miley Ash
Happy Happy Birthday Lacey dear, Happy days will come to you all year. 
If I had a wish than it would be a Happy Happy Birthday to you from me!

~Lacey turns 19 today & has begun a new chapter of her life up at BYU in Provo. ✈ She enjoys her classes there especially her Book of Mormon class taught by John Bytheway. Lacey has always been a good student who really enjoys learning!✍

~She is talented musician who loves playing the piano & does a great job doing it! Lacey & Ashlyn both have wonderful singing voices as well with perfect pitch & harmony with each other.

~I always first think of Lacey as the little girl 
I met when I began dating Tim. She at the age of 9 talked as if she were 15. I remember her snuggling with Tim & saying ..."remember when you would tell me the story of the 3 kisses?" (I knew by the way Tim treated his little sisters that he would be a great Dad!) They loved much so that one time they spent the night after we first were married & Lacey insisted on sleeping between the two of us! I've never let her live that one down!! (blushing yet Lace?)

~She has grown into a strong, beautiful young lady. It's so strange to think she is now the age that I was when Tim & I were dating. (Again it gives me a wake up call to how quickly my own kiddos will grow up.)

~Lacey is one who is always full of dramatics ♔ & continues to make us laugh with her one liners. She constantly has a smile on her face & is a genuinely happy person.

~Lace is a girl who sets goals and attains them. You will hear her say things like: "I WILL go to BYU.." "I WILL marry Jordan."  "I WILL be a fashion designer."..."I WILL have a daughter named Scottland." And don't her tell she won't do any of these things cuz she'll prove you wrong. 

~Aunt Lacey continues to be a good example to all of her nieces & nephews & is aware that they are look up to her. She makes sure & tells them how she feels about the gospel & about what's most important.

We wanted to wish you LCEY a Happy Birthday & tell you we lve yu!


Tracey said...

Such a sweet post Audra & it is all true! She is such a great example to even me!- Happy Birthday Lacey! We love you so much!

Natalie said...

Lace sounds so halarious when she was little! haha

Natalie said...

in that pic i was supposed to be before cooper! not FAIR!