Monday, November 24, 2008

*Happy Birthday Danny!*

My little brother celebrates his 21st Birthday today!
 He was a pretty heavy baby for a skinny little 9 year old girl to carry around. 
That kid loved to eat!
Brit, Me & our rascal brother Danny!
Whenever it was someone's birthday, Danny would always dress up as Krusty the Clown. He'd ring the doorbell & surprise whosever birthday it was. He made birthdays special so hopefully his will be special today as well!
(Danny & Tommy-Laurel & Hardy)

Oh Danny-always getting into something. Danny was seriously the funniest kid ever although this did occasionally get him into trouble. I'll never forget the story of him at Deseret Book Store. As my Dad sat in a chair waiting for my Mom, Danny I think was standing next to him. A bigger lady came walking by & I guess Danny felt like her bum was in his way so he decided to poke at it. No he was not a toddler he was a boy who knew better but I guess he thought it would be funny. The lady turned around & before my Dad could scold Danny, the lady looked at my Dad in shock! 
Or there was the time we had just moved to Gilbert (6th grade) & my new "friends" came over & we were out in the driveway. All the sudden Danny starts throwing all my training bras & underwear off the balcony. I wanted to ring his neck!! These were the kind of embarrassing things he'd do back then & we would just die! Now we just laugh & laugh. 

When DANNY has a grin on his face it immediately puts a grin on yours. He has a way about him that just makes you laugh. Danny is such a fun Uncle cuz he can be just as silly as the kids.

He is a Mama's boy and even as a teenager had no qualms about giving his mom, sisters, dad or even brothers a hug. Danny is real. He is who he is. He's never tried to be someone he wasn't. Danny has stayed true to his values even if it meant losing friends over it.

Today on Danny's birthday, he is serving. He is serving the people of South Korea as a missionary for the church. Not only does he preach to the people our religion, him & his companion (like most other missionaries) will go out & just look for ways they can serve the community. They teach English, help little old ladies cross the street, you know the typical stuff. He said it's really cold there now and sometimes it's hard to get his lips to move. Poor little Arizona boy. -But he is LOVING it & I've never seen him happier. We know that "...when ye are in the service of your fellow beings, ye are only in the service of your God." ~Mosiah 2:17  *This could explain his pure joy!

So we just wanted to say to our Danny:

Happy Birthday 

& Thanksgiving!

This is the last Birthday & Thanksgiving Danny will be spending in South Korea as a missionary.
I'm sure the Korean people will miss him but we are 
THRILLED to have him home in February!
Can't wait to see you soon!
 *We Love You*


brittany said...

I miss him :( cute pics! how could i forget about krusty? I remember him asking me to paint his nails pink one time that he dressed up for someones bday.

sarajane said...

haha oh krusty the clown. We always wondered why danny always had to go somewhere when Krusty came over on birthdays! Happy Birthday to Danny. He really is an amazing brother!

Raich said...

that's the coolest birthday tradition, how cute. i'll never forget the day i was in your backyard after coming over for the first time and he looked at me half/serious, half/ i know i'm being funny when he said...your nose looks like michael jacksons except not from the thing i'm tough!

AudyCamp said...

I vaguely remember that raich-how embarrassing! BTW I think it's a LOT cuter than M.J's!
(I just added a part to this post of another embarrassing moment he caused when he threw my bras & undies over the balcony in front of people.) Funny how time makes these things a lot funnier now.

kwistin said...

Audra, I love that your siblings are so close and that you do these little tributes on birthdays! I love my sibs and we're super close too, so coming from a little sister, this kind of sibling love means a lot. :)
Danny is so great! I'll be interested to see what he's like when he comes back...that's so soon too!