Sunday, November 9, 2008

*Happy 8th Birthday Macey*

~Happy Birthday Cousin Macey~
Macey is a good big sister who always keeps her little brothers in line.
Later this month she will finally have a little sister to join her!

So this photo will probably embarrass both Macey & Spencer now 
but this shows how sweet they really were with each other back then.

Macey & Spence were always best buddies as little kids. Born 5 months apart they were often two peas in a pod. We hope that even as they grow older they don't grow out of their friendship.
Look at these cheesy grins! Can you say related?

Aw..look at these cute girls~Kaylea & Macey June '08
These kids have shared many good times from trips including a Costa Rican beach house, family road trip, Amusement parks, sharing a house or two together, our Bermuda Cruise & other countless trips & excursions.  Of all these things they will probably tell you that their fondest memories are the simple stuff like sleepovers, movie nights, playing games, riding bikes and hopping over the fence back and forth as neighbors. Oftentimes as the kids play they act more like siblings than cousins. More abundance of love along with the arguments.
Macey is a girl who stands for what she believes and lets everyone know how she feels about something. She will be the first to tell you what she doesn't like whether it be milk, pancakes or peanut butter & jelly or Obama. :) Macey is a fast learner with everything she does. She's a good little skier, piano player, gymnast and student among other things.

We wanted to wish you Macey a very Happy 8th Birthday!
We love you & can't wait for your Baptism!


Lundell Family said...

That was such a sweet tribute to Macey!! She is at church right now, but I will have her look at this when she gets home. We had Spencer and Kaylea sleep over last night and they had a blast. Spencer was so sad he wanted to be a part of the sleepover. Your mom picked him up around 9:00 and kaylea went to church with MAcey. We do have so many memories together and my kids adore yours. Spencer was at our house for another hour when everyone left to church and played with Roc and Tate. Let me tell you he is such a sweet heart and is amazing with little Tate. He will be a great big brother to your soon to be little one. We love your kids as our own!!! Have fun and enjoy every minute of it because it might be the last before your baby

Lacey said...

oh my gosh audra, this is thee cutest post!!!! i absolutely love that picture of macey and spence kissing when they were babies! it just dawned on me that she is 8 years old, i cannot believe that! everyone is growing up right before my eyes, its so weird. macey is so beyond her years, she is an 16 year old in an 8 year old body. HAPPY BIRTHDAY SWEEET MACEY!!

Tiffany said...

Happy Birthday Macey! We are so excited that you are 8. You are such a sweet little girl and sooo full of "it"! Such a sweet post and so well put Audra. It's so nice that her and Spence are so close. They will forever cherish their friendship!

A day in the life of the Campbell's said...

so cute..I remember Macey crossing out that girl (vanessa hudgens) on her High school musical pj's after she heard she had done something inappropriate! She is a great little example. Watch out WORLD!
HAppy Birthday to Macey!

sarajane said...

aw presh! I love those old pics! how adorable!:) Happy Birthday Macey!