Friday, June 22, 2012

Daylan's 7th bday party

Daylan wanted to have his Birthday Party this year at Chuck E. Cheese's. Ever since he saw the commercial with the tickets blowing all over the place, he couldn't stop talking about it.


Thursday, June 21, 2012

Skyping..."it's what bwings dis famwee togevwur"

So grateful for technology so we can SEE our far away loved ones...

Playing Peek-A-Boo with Auntie Sara @ BYU
(just turn down the volume on my annoying loud voice)
Cousins Carson & Ethan in California
 (Father's Day Sunday) Danny, Kayla, Sara & Alena looking in from the laptop...

Monday, June 18, 2012

So the truth is...

I loathe even hearing the word "blog" these days because I am so very extremely, ridiculously behind! I have dreaded posting for months now because I don't even know where to begin. I have done random posts over the last year or so but am just forever from being close to catching up.

But it's okay.... I tell myself.
I really have always made it a goal to keep a current life history in some way. {Journaling, 10 yr. journaling, blog booking, photo calendaring...} As the techno trends change I find myself following them. So Instagram has taken over my a good but yet "blog hindering" way. It's "instant", doable, easy, quick, not overwhelming. makes you feel creative & best of all it's fun!!

I do however, miss being able to sit down at the computer and let my little fingers just type away all the random thoughts in my head to the matching pictures I have uploaded. I will get back to it soon I promise. 
I feel honored as random & not so random people stop me in the grocery store or church or wherever & say they miss me posting. It makes me feel special & wanted & confused all at the same time.

My excuse: Life really has been nothing short of chaotic this past year. The main reasons: Having a baby, moving twice, Husband's knee surgery, teaching 2-4 piano lessons a day, Husband's new job where he works weekends :( & of course cleaning up after my two youngest CONSTANTLY ... no really it's constantly. (My little babes ate dog poop yesterday & sadly this wasn't the first time this has happened.)

{The ONLY reason I'm able to type at the moment is because both little ones are sleeping & the older 3 are gone playing or out of town.} 

Now that we just got DONE WITH celebrating my 4 BOYS birthdays (who all happen to be within a 1 month time frame), School & My sister's wedding, I feel like I can breathe a little easier. Oh Wait I almost forgot my baby brother who leaves on his mission in just over a week....

~Life is Busy. Life is Good. Blogging is in My Future...~

Friday, June 15, 2012

Spencer turns 12

Spence woke up the morning of his birthday ready to conquer the day.. He didn't have to do chores because of his birthday, but he realized that just made him bored. I brought him down to the local Elementary School so he could help with a Car Wash his church buddies were doing for their mom who has a terminal illness ALS. I told him what a better way to celebrate your own life than to help someone who's losing theirs. 

Later on, he had some friends over to swim in his grandma's pool. What would we do without a pool to have swam in this summer! They did crazy stuff that boys do like backflips, dives and cannonballs.
We had cupcakes that looked like hamburgers (store bought) & he opened his gifts.

Later that evening we celebrated as a family with Dinner, Cake Ice Cream & a Movie.
My boy is twelve...

And ready to take on the World.