Friday, June 15, 2012

Spencer turns 12

Spence woke up the morning of his birthday ready to conquer the day.. He didn't have to do chores because of his birthday, but he realized that just made him bored. I brought him down to the local Elementary School so he could help with a Car Wash his church buddies were doing for their mom who has a terminal illness ALS. I told him what a better way to celebrate your own life than to help someone who's losing theirs. 

Later on, he had some friends over to swim in his grandma's pool. What would we do without a pool to have swam in this summer! They did crazy stuff that boys do like backflips, dives and cannonballs.
We had cupcakes that looked like hamburgers (store bought) & he opened his gifts.

Later that evening we celebrated as a family with Dinner, Cake Ice Cream & a Movie.
My boy is twelve...

And ready to take on the World.

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