Monday, March 12, 2012

Grandpa Campbell's Funeral

Late Christmas afternoon we swiftly packed up our car with kids, clothes and a few toys & headed west to California. We had two very important events that would take place in the days to follow. A wedding and a funeral...wait isn't that a movie or something?

The morning of Monday, December 26th, we honored Tim's Grandpa
 Read Campbell, an incredible man.

~It was the most beautiful day, in the most beautiful cemetery I had ever seen.

I love everything about this picture....From the lighting, the hills, the gigantic trees, the "hearse", the little girl learning to walk, the man leaning over the grave...
Time standing still. 

Tim, Grandma, Carrie, Brian, Ron
Before the funeral we gathered at Grandma & Grandpa Campbell's house for hugs and well wishes & then drove to the church building. It was hard to take a picture in this same spot that we had taken so many pictures in years past; but just this time Grandpa was not in them.
We felt blessed to participate in the program. Tim gave a wonderful talk & I was able to play the piano as prelude, hymns & the grandchildren & great-grandchildren's musical number; 
"Families Can Be Together Forever." It was touching to see out of the corner of my eye as I played, family members emotional as the song was sung. It is true that Families really can be together forever, I can't even begin to imagine it any other way.  
The picture below in the middle saddens my heart as you see the 2 sons walking their mother up to see their Dad one last time.

There was a moment where the kids were all running around afterwards just being kids, perhaps getting a little loud & a little too close to the casket. My initial reaction was to go over and tell them to be a little more quiet and respectful, but then just as fast as I thought that, I pushed the thought aside and just stood there thinking and taking this photo.
Then I thought: Grandpa Campbell is right there with those kids just as he would be otherwise. And I almost couldn't walk a step closer because I didn't want to interrupt their "play session" with Great-Grandpa.

My sweet husband having a moment.
I learned a lot about Grandpa Campbell during the funeral & realized that he had passed down many of his good traits on down to my Timmy. My favorite one being his love for his children & the desire to be with them, to play with them and make them laugh. ~One of the most Christlike attributes I can think of.

Another thing I already knew but that was reaffirmed was how strong this lady is. ~Ryler's Great Grandma Campbell~
....Physically, Mentally & Emotionally strong.~

~Together Forever~


A day in the life of the Campbell's said...

Audra, you have such a way with words and pictures that melts my heart every time! Thanks for the post and for some of these pictures I didn't have but do now!

Ezra, Kian & Eden said...

Such a lovely post. I love the last much joy in those smiles and so many life adventures just ahead.

Unknown said...

Another amazingly touching post, so sorry for the loss of Tim's Grandpa
:( I miss you Audy!