Sunday, September 30, 2007

*"Brothers & Sister Band"

~So these are the kinds of things the Campbell kids do on Sunday mornings! They invited Tim & I to their show & said they were called the "Brothers & Sister Band." Here's a blip of it. We just got home from church & Spence told me they will be having another show here again shortly.~

(Ok so this is an old pic of the band my little brothers used to do when they were young. History is now repeating itself.)

Saturday, September 29, 2007

*Happy 14th Birthday Ashlyn!

~Little Ashy poo is not so little anymore!~

*(So weird to think that Ashlyn was just a tad younger than my little Kaylea when Tim & I first began dating.)

~*Ashlyn Renee, (Tim's youngest sister) is in High School this year. -the cutest little 9th grade girl you've ever seen.- She played the part of "Annie" last year in her school play & was great! Ashlyn is always so sweet, yet always ready for her next adventure. She is currently living in Laguna Beach & loving it! Ash is a wonderful aunt & has ignited a love a Barbies in Kaylea. She will often tell me "Mom, Ashlyn taught me how to play Barbies." **What a wonderful young lady you are becoming Ash. Always keep a good head on your shoulders and you're feet on the ground & you will go places my girl!**

~We love you-Happy Birthday!!~

Friday, September 28, 2007

*Day's Shopping Trip

Well here's my little -child-on-a-chain-. He was on sale at Wal-Mart. hehe:)

So Daylan wanted to help "PUSH IT!!" -the cart- So his little backpack leash came in very handy. Sure I got some stares, but heck he was loving that freedom he had to just walk! He felt so important. (I thought this was such a cute little site, so I whipped out my camera from my purse -which is ALWAYS conveniently in there just in case of moments like this-)

Thursday, September 27, 2007

*"Campbell Hospital"

Last night we did a project for Spence as a family. In his class at school they are building a community & he was in charge of building the hospital. So that we did. He appropriately named it "Campbell Hospital." Maybe he'll be designing real hospitals someday. Good Job Spence! You're so great!

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

*The "Official" Grand Opening!

*What a week! We found out that we have been in the Top 10 in sales of all dippin dots locations these last few weeks! Wahoo!! (We feel blessed to have our fantastic manager Sherry who is running this Queen Creek store & will be overseeing our new south Gilbert one coming soon.)
*So Saturday we had our official Grand Opening and were privleged to have the inventor/scientist/founder of Dippin' Dots there. He, Curt Jones flew out from Paducah, Kentucky to be there. My kids just couldn't believe it was really him. Very Exciting!
*We had such a great turn out. -Lines out the door most of the time, as we featured a magician, face painting, balloon animals, ice cream eating contests and more! What a LONG, but great day!

*Just wanted to say thanks to all those family and friends who came out to support us! We had my brother Phylip & Austin Simas as the "DotMan." They were great!! Heidi's face painting was such a HIT-so glad the whole campbell clan came down! Thanks to my Mom & Sara for watching our kids. (& my Dad who wiped the floors-his idea :) Also my friends who surprised me with their presence: Cara & Tyler's family, the Everett's & Roseanne/Ethan ! You guys rock!

Check out our press release from D-Dots:

Thursday, September 20, 2007

*Helloooooo out there!

OK so don't all rush & sign my guestbook at once! hehe:)

~Thanks to all of you who post comments on my blog. It's always so refreshing to see friends/family responding in such a caring way to our everyday life moments.~

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

*Kaylea's 1st Day

*So yesterday was Kaylea's 1st official day of Pre School. She was all set with her "Hello-Kitty" shirt, necklace, bracelet & backpack. She wanted everything to match & insisted I do her hair a certain way. After getting up early & talking about this day for months, we get there and as I start to leave her lip begins to quiver. I give her a hug knowing she'll be fine, and then as I'm leaving out the door I feel a tug at my shirt & hear a shy little voice saying "Mom." I kissed her again & then left. She of course was fine & had a great time, but it sure reminded me of ME in Kindergarten when this boy pointed & said "Oh that's Audra..she doesn't know how to talk!"

Sunday, September 16, 2007

*Cheesecake Anyone?

*Makin Sunday Night Dessert with Dad*

*Another Tooth Gone

This morning Tim & the kids were wrestling when Daylan gave Spence a friendly kick to the mouth. Spencer's tooth went flying across the bed. Thanks Day! (So it was just a little more bloody than other times.) I think Spencer literally has a story for every fallen tooth. -For example the time one fell out in the buffet line on our cruise & about 20 people were on their hands & knees looking for it!- Maybe I'll have him write his own book called "My Tooth Tales."


~Kaylea & some of her other favorite princesses got dolled up Saturday @ "Lollilocks" as they celebrated her birthday. The girls had a lot of fun getting their hair & nails done, making princess shoes & having a princess tea party.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

*Happy 5th Birthday KAYLEA*

~These pictures and music say most everything, but I will say that my life would not be complete without my little Kaylea, our "Booga." I have learned many life lessons while being her mom. Things haven't always been easy, especially in the beginning, but Kaylea has a very strong spirit; one that will keep her tough yet tender in this earthly life. She is my helper, our 2nd mommy, my favorite friend, my strength.~

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Monday, September 10, 2007


Look Mom-No Hands!!
Day hates when I brush or floss his teeth. So I've decided to brush when he's sleeping & let him floss himself. Here's his idea of flossing! As long as he's having fun... Right?

Grandma & Granddad's Visit

*My Grandma and Granddad Curtis stayed @ my parents house for a few days this last week. My cousin Ryan Curtis' wedding was Saturday in Thatcher, so they came for that. (*Congrats to my cousins Jonathan & Kimberly (Newport Beach temple) and Ryan & Stephanie (Thatcher) for both tying the knot with their brides this last week!*) *Grandma & Granddad flew on a plane for the first time in a LONG time. Normally they would do the 12 hour drive from Provo, but since my Grandma's life threatening blood clots, she was FINALLY convinced to fly! Whew! Thank Goodness. *Grandma is always so refreshing to talk to & Granddad makes his famous "choo-choo" train noises for the kids...the same one he made for us as kids. (It's cute cuz he thinks it's all of our first times ever hearing it:)

Saturday, September 8, 2007

*Doctors' Visits

Well this week we have been to the doctor 3 different times & on the phone once with the "Emergency Nurse." (Daylan had an allergic reaction & his face swelled up.)-like cousin ethan and his bee sting:( check out stephs blog.)
*So Spence came home early from school Wednesday with a fever & earache. He ended up just having an outer ear infection (swimmers ear.)
*Then we found out at the ENT that Daylan's left tube fell out and that's why his 3 week ear infection has not been going away. *Yesterday Kaylea had a fever & sore throat. She has the dreaded strep throat but is now on antibiotics. Here's a picture of her in the ORANGE room @ the doctor's office!

Friday, September 7, 2007

*DAYLAN my Pianist

Starting Him Young...
Last evening we were @ my parents visiting with my grandparents. Britt was playin the piano, & Daylan decided he wanted to sit on her lap & ended up staying there for at least 10 minutes. He carefully placed his hands on aunt brittany's hands & played away.
*I think Day thought he was the one playing. It was so cute.. you had to be there..Maybe he'll be my little Mozart!

*Desk Update

*Ok this is my last desk post for a while. My paper pile did go down on the left, although the box of tapes are still there. *My theory is if I don't see something as an everyday reminder, than I forget to do it. This desk dillema is getting better
...believe it or not!

Thursday, September 6, 2007

*Smells like Rain...

Oh Please Oh Please...

We hope it rains today!!

AS I was outside this morning watching Spence walk to the bustop, there was a nice breeze & it smelled like that wonderful smell that rain is in the air. I LOVE days like this! Cross your fingers!

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

*"Coolness" fading....

*So I know these look like posed pictures, but I caught Spence in the middle of something major happening in his life...his "coolness" was going away!..or so that's what he told me.
*This is him & his friend "K" that he spent alot of time with this summer. Now normally Spence is my pretty mild-mannered child.

*Well not on this day...after wearing a helmet for the last few years..he just all of the sudden decided that was to happen no more. He flat out said: "Mom-I'm not wearing my makes my COOLNESS go away!!" (My son normally could care less what people thought of him, so I think this new attitude is emerging from the 2nd grade!) Just look at that stomping of the foot & the precious little pout. Of course when I started laughing, that didn't help his anger. *He'll laugh about this too some day...hopefully sooner than later.

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

*Labor Day Weekend

*Ok this first picture was taken Saturday night during the lightening storm. Spencer & I were driving home in Tim's car when Spence said "Mom, stop at the red light & try and take a picture of the lightning!" (totally my son) So I did & it worked! He was so proud of me. We had a moment..

*So- my bro Tommy came home for the long weekend & Mom's birthday. (I talked him and his buddy Scott into going to E.A. for at least a semester.) They're living with my cousin Brandon in his house in Safford. Tommy informed me that E.A. must be different now than when I was there... Oh you just wait..he's gonna end up lovin' it. It's growing on them...I can tell. (He just feels SO much older & mature than those silly, young 18 yr old girls...I was NEVER one of those..hehe)

*Saturday for Mom's birthday we went to "Joe's Farmhouse Grill" in Agritopia for dinner. Always so yummy! -We all got their great milkshakes & I got the bbq pork sandwich! Scrumptious. We had Dad's homemade German chocolate cake at home after that. Um.. a little lopsided Dad BUT very good:) As you can see my mom turned "1."

*Monday for Labor Day we had a family BBQ & then Tim & I took to the kids to the new Brunswick bowling center by the Gilbert theatre. It was so busy that we couldn't bowl, but we played video games instead & we actually had a lot of fun. After Tim's 2 attempts to win Kaylea this purple bear, aboy about 9 saw she really wanted it, won it for her & handed it to her. It made her whole week. She instantly fell in love... with the boy & the bear. Kaylea fell asleep hugging it last night!

*This week we had some more Dippin' Dots events. Tim served busily at one of the football games Friday. Our store is doing really well & we're so excited about it! We're very lucky that I found a great manager to run the store. Our next store on Val Vista/Queen Creek should be ready to open for business in October! When you're in next, try the vanilla dots with a root beer pop. --the best root beer float you'll ever have!:)

Saturday, September 1, 2007

*Happy Birthday Mom*

~Happy Birthday to my Mom.~
(she turns 49 today...still so young:)

*My Mom is such a great person & doesn't give herself enough credit for it. She raised/is raising 7 fantastic kids-I should say so myself:) hehe... & I don't think they turned out so good on accident! She's always made the Gospel the center of her home, which I think is a big part of it. *My mom is always the "behind-the-scenes" lady, making everyone else look so great; whether it be a program in church, or her kids, her husband, just anything.

*She's a wonderful Grandma too! She always makes time for my kids, making them feel special. When we start to drive into their neighborhood,
Daylan instantly yells: "Bam-ma's House!"