Saturday, September 8, 2007

*Doctors' Visits

Well this week we have been to the doctor 3 different times & on the phone once with the "Emergency Nurse." (Daylan had an allergic reaction & his face swelled up.)-like cousin ethan and his bee sting:( check out stephs blog.)
*So Spence came home early from school Wednesday with a fever & earache. He ended up just having an outer ear infection (swimmers ear.)
*Then we found out at the ENT that Daylan's left tube fell out and that's why his 3 week ear infection has not been going away. *Yesterday Kaylea had a fever & sore throat. She has the dreaded strep throat but is now on antibiotics. Here's a picture of her in the ORANGE room @ the doctor's office!


Kristal said...

wow, that all sucks really bad! I think that's the most stressful thing as a mom is havin sick kids. I'm a MESS when I have just one sick kid. Hope they all get better soon!!!

Stephanie said...

What did Daylan eat, that's scary. Seriously I love being a Mom, but I'm not cut out to handle these unexpected suprises.

AudyCamp said...

i dunno what he ate..that's what's so scary!! we thought at first it was his new eardrops but no one knows!!

Frolicking Night Owl said...

Sorry you had to deal with dr's so much this week ... that's never fun. I'm having fun catching up on everyone's blogs ... love your new layout and photo of the kiddos.


The Evans Family said...

I hope everyone is feeling better really soon, rough with all 3 not feeling well!

AudyCamp said...

it all sounds worse than it was...luckily it was mostly easy stuff..just hate fevers & flu symtoms(barfing & stuff)..knock on wood..
&we've actually been really healthy sicnce we've moved to gilbert so i can't complain.:)