Saturday, September 29, 2007

*Happy 14th Birthday Ashlyn!

~Little Ashy poo is not so little anymore!~

*(So weird to think that Ashlyn was just a tad younger than my little Kaylea when Tim & I first began dating.)

~*Ashlyn Renee, (Tim's youngest sister) is in High School this year. -the cutest little 9th grade girl you've ever seen.- She played the part of "Annie" last year in her school play & was great! Ashlyn is always so sweet, yet always ready for her next adventure. She is currently living in Laguna Beach & loving it! Ash is a wonderful aunt & has ignited a love a Barbies in Kaylea. She will often tell me "Mom, Ashlyn taught me how to play Barbies." **What a wonderful young lady you are becoming Ash. Always keep a good head on your shoulders and you're feet on the ground & you will go places my girl!**

~We love you-Happy Birthday!!~

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Brooklyn said...

Audra! Hey, it's Brooke Brown(hubbard) It was good to see ya today at church! I am going to add you to my list. Your kids are just so cute!