Wednesday, September 12, 2007

*Happy 5th Birthday KAYLEA*

~These pictures and music say most everything, but I will say that my life would not be complete without my little Kaylea, our "Booga." I have learned many life lessons while being her mom. Things haven't always been easy, especially in the beginning, but Kaylea has a very strong spirit; one that will keep her tough yet tender in this earthly life. She is my helper, our 2nd mommy, my favorite friend, my strength.~


Kristal said...

Happy Birthday Kaylea!!!

She's adorable...and soo stinkin sweet! I love the binky kids picture. You've got such a cute family!!!

brittany said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY KAYLEA! i love you! Love,
aunt brit

Kathy said...

Hey Kaylea girlfriend!

My first memory of Kaylea was when she was about 30 minutes old. I got to hold her hand while she was in her incubator on oxygen. She was awake and quietly thinking.

Though concerned about what the future held for Kaylea, I felt impressed that she seemed to understand and accept what trials were ahead for her.

I felt of her amazing spirit and knew that I was privileged to be with a very special daughter of God who would teach us more than we would teach her.

Kaylea doll, we love you!!

Grandma Kathy

Tiffany said...

hi kaylea!
happy 5th birthday sweetie! You are such a cutie and were so glad that ava has you to play with! she cant wait for your birthday party!
love, tiff

Tia said...

I love it, you've had like 20 posts since I last checked any blogs! This is cute and I love what you have to say about her -she'll love reading that someday!

sarajane said...

Those are so cute audy!! a big happy birthday to kay!!! love auntie sara!

Frolicking Night Owl said...

Happy B-Day to Kaylea! Can't believe she's 5 and that means Marina's not too far behind ... scarey!

The Evans Family said...

what an angel...she looks so joyful, just full of bliss in every picture! What amazing blessings these sweet children bring! Happy Birthday! :)