Saturday, September 1, 2007

*Happy Birthday Mom*

~Happy Birthday to my Mom.~
(she turns 49 today...still so young:)

*My Mom is such a great person & doesn't give herself enough credit for it. She raised/is raising 7 fantastic kids-I should say so myself:) hehe... & I don't think they turned out so good on accident! She's always made the Gospel the center of her home, which I think is a big part of it. *My mom is always the "behind-the-scenes" lady, making everyone else look so great; whether it be a program in church, or her kids, her husband, just anything.

*She's a wonderful Grandma too! She always makes time for my kids, making them feel special. When we start to drive into their neighborhood,
Daylan instantly yells: "Bam-ma's House!"


sarajane said...

thats cute audy!just like the one we did like what 10years ago?haha happy b day to mom!

brittany said...

ahh MEMORIES!!! we still have that video lyin aroung here somewhere right?! i was listenin to the song and lookin at the pictures and realized i still knew everyword plus the sign language... :)

Kathy said...

Thank you Audra,
I love the slide show. It is a sweet memory revisited from the video you made many years ago. I could even see the "momma" sign in my mind, while I had a huge lump in my throat. You are always so thoughtful. I love you!


Unknown said...

Oh I love those pictures. Ok I hope when I turn 39 I look even better than the day I was married. Your mom and dad were a gorgeous couple back then, but holy cow they are even cuter now, that is so crazy. Ok and the family picture of you guys in 2000, I had to pause the show and look at Tim, he looks like he is 15 there, it was funny, you guys are all so dang cute!

Frolicking Night Owl said...

very nice! you're mom is great!

The Evans Family said...

Happy Birthday Sister Curtis! Audy, your mom is really awsome, she always had it together and pulled everything off awhile making it look effortless. I'm positive it wasn't easy but she did it, always with such grace!! I remember too what a funny sense of humor she had!