Sunday, September 16, 2007

*Another Tooth Gone

This morning Tim & the kids were wrestling when Daylan gave Spence a friendly kick to the mouth. Spencer's tooth went flying across the bed. Thanks Day! (So it was just a little more bloody than other times.) I think Spencer literally has a story for every fallen tooth. -For example the time one fell out in the buffet line on our cruise & about 20 people were on their hands & knees looking for it!- Maybe I'll have him write his own book called "My Tooth Tales."


. said...

Allen wishes he had stories for his lost teeth...He has only lost two! ( I think we need a full account of the buffet line story, maybe a book is a good idea!

Unknown said...

How funny. Last week Skyler got out of bed and was all tired as I was getting him ready for school, he woke up really quick though when I said you have a tooth stuck to the back of your shirt, he had lost it during the night and then rolled over on it or something? His first one he swallowed in his sleep and was so sad, but the tooth fairy came and left him a note and a dollar, he was stoked and thought the tooth fairy was very smart for knowing he lost a tooth even though it wasn't under his pillow. Tooth Tales would actually be a super cute children's book!

The Evans Family said...

that is such a great idea!! it seems like every kid has an odd, interesting, funny story to tell!

Kathy said...


It looks like Daylan has been paying attention at Karate. Maybe you should give him one of your karate belts to wear.

:) I still like your smile!

Grandma Kathy