Thursday, March 24, 2011

*Soccer Stars*

This was Daylan's 1st year of soccer & he did awesome!
He scored 3 goals alone just his 1st game!

Daylan's confidence level has shot through the roof. After one of the first games he told me proudly..."Yeah Mom-when I scored my 2nd goal I thought in my head: WOW-I'm good!" Yes folks, they jury's determined he has his father's self assurance.
I love the look on his face in this one as he eyes his friend to see 
if he can get the ball before his friend does.

He & his buddy Jett were 2 of the "Goal Makers" on the Team. 
They had a lot of Fun together & we had fun watching them!

Then there's Kaylea:
Soccer is just what she does. 
~She plays it at every Recess, After School, 
...Whenever she has a free minute.~

This was her first year on the BIG field & what a huge difference it was. She had to have ran miles every game. I couldn't get as many pictures of her because of my little dinky camera. I had to wait till she was in better sight. She played every position very well, especially Defense. Her coach loved her on defense because she had no fear & would go up against these huge kids & dive to the ground if she needed to. Although great at defense she loved to be "STRIKER" the very most!
That's my girl...
{½ the size & the one with the ball.}
*This video cracks me up. Jax insisted on "taping" Kaylea during her game.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Now that he's almost here...

I thought I'd have my 10 year old take a picture to show I actually was pregnant with this baby.
My poor 5th child....

~I feel like Life is so busy-crazy that my poor baby is so deprived already. Lack of prego pictures, lack of journal writing etc. BUT this sweet baby of ours will be so LOVED by 2 thrilled parents & 4 anxious siblings. Once he is born, then he will most indefinitely be spoiled. 
~Spoiled with love.~ 
...Maybe not with pictures, or journal entries, scrapbook pages, or new clothes or toys, But with more love than he will know what to do with.

ONLY 51 Days Left!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Awards for the Campbell Boyz..

My Proud Daylan:
This was a first ever to have any of my kids get Perfect Attendance for the quarter. Between sickness, or just plain absent it's always been something. And can you believe during flu season even! There were only a handful of kids in the whole school that even got it & mine were included. (Kaylea was gone one day with croup..) We've definitely been blessed with health this year so far & are very grateful!!
If you look closely you'll see Spence not only got Perfect Attendance, but also 
"Student of the Month" & "Principal's List" (Straight A's)

=Proud Mama

Friday, March 18, 2011

Dear Jax,

Right now would probably not be the best time to Potty Train....
But how do I resist this adorable face when he asks?
He obviously thinks it's some kind of fun game.

{Adding Potty Training to the List below.. might just do me in.}

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

How Am I....?

So...People keep asking me how I am feeling 
& I can only come up with one word every time.... 
T I R E D!

~I started taking a mental inventory of why I am so tired:

*Pregnant w/ baby #5 -includes heartburn, charlie horses, braxton hicks  & spontaneous napping
*Teaching 2-3 piano lessons every day (Monday-Saturday)
*Waking up every night still with almost 2 yr old Jax
*Have a House For Sale that I have to try to keep clean
*Potty Training a Dog---& bending over w/ huge belly when I need to pick something up that he "left."
*Cub Scout Leader-Planning & Doing activities each Wednesday
*Spencer-Webelos/ Kaylea- "Activity Days"
*Soccer Practices & Games  x 2 kids=4 x a week (just ended this week though!)
*Kay & Spence to Guitar Lessons, Daylan to "Let's Play Music" Classes
*Spence's Hip Hop Classes/Competitions
*Volunteering in Kay & Day's school classes

Not to forget of course normal stuff like .....Oh Homework,... or Feeding my family meals and stuff like that. Tonight we didn't have dinner until 8pm after I taught piano, went to guitar & had Scout Pack Meeting. Wednesdays are NOT my favorite days.

Only 2 more days of this crazy schedule & then we are off for 2 whole weeks! 

Good Night....I'm TIRED.

The Phx Zoo

On President's Day there was No School, so we met up at the Phoenix Zoo with Tim's brother Brian & kiddos. It was the most beautiful weather that day & I loved it!
Jax insisted on walking which was actually nice 'cuz it made Tim slow down his pace. (He thinks you're supposed to power-walk EVERYWHERE...including the Zoo. I always say to him "Enjoy the Journey."...he hates when I say that.)

*Here are pics of Jax's means of transportation. Note that the stroller was NOT one of them.
spencer-our tour guide
Some of our favorite sites:
The Rhinos

The Cheetahs

The funny orange-bottomed monkeys 
....we had to cut this one short cuz the boys were making "bottom jokes."

The Elephants
The Lions

*Here's a little video clip of Tim showing Jax the little howler monkeys
 that were jumping & running over our heads.
We took a lunch break next to this little treehouse that they ran around in for quite a while.
Zane & Daylan~having Quality Cousin Time

My cute little line-up watching the big birds.

{Oh yeah...Me & my prego body were there too.}
NO- not the big Earth Ball...down below that.
'Till Next Time Zoo Animal Friends....

Monday, March 7, 2011

It Never Ends...

I always wanted twins....
But NOT like this... 
Both seem to be going through their terrible 2's & I'm going crazy!

~This particular instance Beamer had ran out into the garage (thanks to Jax opening the door for him) and Beamer had run his little paws into the grease on the garage floor. Before he could get grease anywhere I grabbed him & put him in the tub. I walked 3 steps to the cupboard to get the dog shampoo & before I could turn around I heard a "thud-splash!" There was Jaxson fully clothed in his outdoor attire, shoes & all standing  in bath water up past his ankles. He already had the dog brush in hand ready to help.

My theory =
Take a deep breath, Take a picture 
& I'll laugh about it tomorrow....maybe.

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