Thursday, March 24, 2011

*Soccer Stars*

This was Daylan's 1st year of soccer & he did awesome!
He scored 3 goals alone just his 1st game!

Daylan's confidence level has shot through the roof. After one of the first games he told me proudly..."Yeah Mom-when I scored my 2nd goal I thought in my head: WOW-I'm good!" Yes folks, they jury's determined he has his father's self assurance.
I love the look on his face in this one as he eyes his friend to see 
if he can get the ball before his friend does.

He & his buddy Jett were 2 of the "Goal Makers" on the Team. 
They had a lot of Fun together & we had fun watching them!

Then there's Kaylea:
Soccer is just what she does. 
~She plays it at every Recess, After School, 
...Whenever she has a free minute.~

This was her first year on the BIG field & what a huge difference it was. She had to have ran miles every game. I couldn't get as many pictures of her because of my little dinky camera. I had to wait till she was in better sight. She played every position very well, especially Defense. Her coach loved her on defense because she had no fear & would go up against these huge kids & dive to the ground if she needed to. Although great at defense she loved to be "STRIKER" the very most!
That's my girl...
{½ the size & the one with the ball.}
*This video cracks me up. Jax insisted on "taping" Kaylea during her game.


{she + him} said...

I miss soccer season! Tell Kay & Day good job...I wish I could go to their games!

Church Family said...

Audra, How are you busy lady????? I hope all is well. Congratulations on your beautiful baby boy on the way. Your family looks wonderful. I havent visited my blog....well for awhile and it has been so long since i have had the chance to catch up with yours. I noticed you are selling your home. Are you leaving Queen Creek? I would love the scoop. I have questions for you and would love an update. Laura

Ezra, Kian & Eden said...

Great pics! Daylan's proud smile says it all...he is really good!
And Kaylea is super-spectacularly awesome! She needs to come and teach my brood how to handle a ball...we're hopeless. My mouth fell open when I saw how big the other kids on the field are...she's a little fire cracker!