Monday, April 4, 2011

SPriNg BReAk:

*Spring Cleaning -Drawers/Closets*
Sound Fun?

*Cousin Sleepovers*

*Saint Patty's Day=Pinching & Green Pancakes*
It's tradition to have cousin Macey sleep over the night before St. Patty's day. Her & Kaylea wake up early and come pinch us all as we are still asleep in bed.
*Kids' Neighborhood Sale*
(always grateful for the people who actually stop for them)

*Seville Water Park with Friends*
The Gardners invited us to come along with them on the most perfect weather day of the break. ~It was just warm enough to enjoy the pools.
The kids LOVED the waterslides! Daylan even braved them!
Here's Spence comin' out of one! 
The boys spent most of their time going down slides 
....although they made time for this:
And this:
(what a good big brother...)


does it get cuter than this?

 & LOTS of Basketball Playing in the Driveway*
Compare these pics to the 3 of them last year. Time flies....
Look at last years pic in the exact same spot..

We -ed the FANTASTIC weather throughout the whole Spring Break! It made the 2 weeks fly by!

The rest of the break (not in pictures) was just the kids playing with neighborhood friends as Tim & I got ready for our European Cruise-just the 2 of us. {Pictures coming soon.}


{she + him} said...

A whole two weeks of fun? I wouldn't even know what to do with myself...
I can't believe your little one is almost here. Keep us posted!

Ezra, Kian & Eden said...

Sounds like the perfect spring break. We did much of the same things over at our with some playing mixed in. How come we didn't get together?! Too much talk and too little action on our part! We've got to get better about that. :)