Saturday, April 9, 2011

Koblenz & Marksburg Castle

*DAY 4*
My mature husband thought that it was so funny to see the word  "fahrt" everywhere. 
~Especially this one that looked like "For where's your fart?" to us.
Kopenz, Germany -we started on a walking tour but got bored with our guide, so we ditched her & went exploring on our own. It was a cold morning but warmed up later on. The architecture & planted flowers were so amazing. What I love is that Europe focuses on the landscape & architecture details in everything.-which I guess means more expense but then again more beauty.

~After lunch on the boat we headed back into town & found the Bus Stop that would take us to the Marksburg Castle.
A car drove us all the way up to the drawbridge so I didn't have to walk up any stairs. Then we got to go inside!
In the collage below you can see: The kitchen complete with table, dishes, Ice Box, Master Suite with baby bed next to master bed (tear), Artilery room, torture chamber- yikes!, & cannons with portholes to look & shoot out of. 
The Marksburg Castle is the ONLY "Hill" Castle along the Rhine River that has never been destroyed. It has been lived in for more than 700 years. Although it has changed over the years, there are many rooms that stayed true to it's original state & showed what life was like in the Middle Ages. 

{View from front wall of Castle}
{Looking down you see the Rhine River that our Boat sailed along.}

Till Next time Marksburg Castle...


Stephanie said...

Um the top pict of you in black looks like it was taken 10 years ago and you def dont look pregnant!How'd you do that?

Ezra, Kian & Eden said...

Love the posts! I feel like I'm on my very own European tour! I have a feeling yours was better though. :)

AudyCamp said...

Steph- it's called bad photo quality & some major shadows! :)