Monday, April 11, 2011

Rainy Germersheim

*DAY 6*
We spent most of the drizzly day in & outside the Speyer Technik Museum. Tim was in heaven as we saw the Transportation of the Ages. From Aircraft, to every type of Automobile, Fire trucks, Trains, Submarines; Even Space Shuttles & Nazi/American War Tanks & Planes. There was also authentic Nazi German boats & uniforms. Tim being the WWII buff that he is said that he had literal stirrings of anger just looking at these things and wanted to destroy the swastikas he saw knowing that they were the real deal. 

You can see below some of the inside pics of it. Most of the airplane was in it's skeleton form like this. In one photo you can see Tim at the back of the plane & another of him walking through what would be the aisles. With the plane elevated at a slant, it took all I could do just to stand where I was and take these pics!! It was freaky. Then to top it all off Tim & I slid down a HUGE slide from the bottom of the 747 to the ground. I thought would wet my pants out of fright but all worked out okay. :) The pics do it no justice. It had grown men with no teeth pacing at the top before they went down. Pictured is another plane that also had a slide.

Tim & I got back to the boat, grabbed an umbrella & took a little walk in the cool rain
After a bit, I got tired & chilly and walked back alone while Tim went exploring. With just minutes before the boat was to leave the dock he was nowhere to be found!! I watched from the balcony for him & finally saw this dark speck running towards me. I knew it wasn't one of the old men on the boat & breathed a sigh of relief. The craziness I put up with....


Jamie said...

You're too funny! I'm glad Tim didn't miss the boat. I'm also glad that the baby didn't decide to come while you were going down the slide. What if your water had broken? Now THAT would have been scary (and maybe funny...;)).

Ezra, Kian & Eden said...

That slide looks ridiculously steep!