Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Conference with a twist...

This General Conference was one like no other for Tim & I.

~Because we were traveling home from our trip across the other side of the World & with the crazy 9 hour time differences, it limited our ability to watch the Sessions of Conference live. We listened to a couple talks via Tim's ipad as we sat in the Dallas airport during our 3 hr layover. 

~Listening in this setting was something I'd never done before. We are usually sitting comfortably in our home with our 4 children cuddled around us as we listen in a {somewhat} peaceful environment with the spirit abundant. This time however, might possibly have been even more meaningful as I listened to a Prophet of God and his apostles speak the words the Lord would have us hear and yet within inches of us were people who appeared utterly lost in this World. I teared up as I once again realized how blessed I am to have the Restored Gospel of Jesus Christ in my life. 

~Although I'd much prefer to have been in my home listening with my children, I will never forget how it struck me at that moment that the Gospel is for everyone & someday "every knee shall bow & every tongue confess that Jesus is the Christ."

**The past few days I have been catching up on all the talks & songs that we missed during our travels. 

This morning a hymn sung at Conference hit me strongly as I realized it's significance. 

*A little backstory:

~In Europe we first arrived in the city of Amsterdam. It is where our River Boat was docked that we would soon board.  But first we would see the city. Severely jet lagged we headed out ragged in our sweats to get a glimpse of the city. Here is a picture of me in a big wooden shoe; something that Holland is widely known for. {Don't mind the pajamas & sleep deprived look on my face.}
~Just feet away from this photo site is Amsterdam Square, where a man torched himself on fire yesterday as reported in the news today. It is a wicked city-one I do not wish to see again any day soon. Tim & I walked the city & saw the beautiful canal lined streets, and yet also saw it's filth & wickedness in abundance. Because of the city's location, it is one that is most likely to be destroyed the same way New Orleans was hit. My own prediction is that is will be destroyed in the same manner in coming years, as the Earth cleanses itself for the coming of Christ.

This is the song that hit me so strongly: 

Watch & be moved by:  "Let Us All Press On.."

This SONG had great meaning to me while listening & watching it this morning, I simultaneously received this email link from Tim about the story in Amsterdam.

~How blessed we are to know what we know. Happy April 6th.~


Stephanie said...

LOL! ...there was an old lady who lived in a shoe,she had so many children she didn't know what to do!

AudyCamp said...

That was the exact caption I put when I sent mom & kids the picture...definitely old with more kids than I know what to do.

{she + him} said...

Haha...alcohol free of course! Now that I know you are globe-trotting that def means you have to pay us a visit! Dress code: Pajamas & sleep deprived faces...