Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The Black Forest

*DAY 7*
Ever taste one of these?
"Black Forest Cake"?....it's naughty but yummy.
And this is where it originated.
~A Place Called The Black Forest in Germany.~
Pretty huh?
We walked through a primitive town in The Black Forest and saw how life was lived back in the 1600's. We discovered how they ground their wheat (pic-bottom middle), made everything they had including things like brooms from twigs they collected (pic-bottom left). Below you can see the dense forest of trees, thus leading to the name Black Forest since it was so dark. My favorite part was seeing the baby beds next to the master beds. (Ironically, I'm setting mine up beside my bed today.) Tim even tried out the teeter totter-a game for kids back then. One thing I found interesting was that in the big homes they would keep their animals INSIDE on the bottom floor & their bedrooms above that. Bad part=it must have stunk, Good part= between animal heat & hay it insulated home & kept them warm.

So what's with the red ball hats?...
It's the old custom of people in The Black Forest that the single women wear these funny RED ball hats & the married women wearing BLACK ball hats. The old lady tour guide joked that the black symbolized grief...haha. 
They didn't have any black-balled hats to wear so I'm wearing the Red. Don't think the Black ones sell as well. :)
This was the first picture Tim took the whole trip that was not Blurry!..~A Round of Applause Please.~


{she + him} said...

{clapping & cheering} Go Tim!

Ezra, Kian & Eden said...

Laughing about your blurry photo jab at Tim. Makes me nervous to snap a pic of you tomorrow. I'll try to remember that you aren't a fan of blur. :)