Wednesday, June 30, 2010

~Father's Day~

Father's Day 2010 began with Early Morning Church at 8am. It was EXTRA special to have Tim's Dad, Grandpa Ron there with us! We bribed him...haha...with a promised Brunch afterwards. The kids all sang as a Primary group a Father's Day medley in church as I played the piano.

{If you've noticed...Our family gets into our "comfies" very quickly after Church. --Quicker than I can even take pictures.}

After Brunch Tim opened up his little gifts from me and the kids. Sunblock from Kaylea (so he won't get cancer...she says), some Shirts, the inevitable yet adorable kid-made cards & some yummy goodies.
We headed over to my parents for Sunday Dinner. But before the Father's Day festivities began, Kaylea insisted we sing Happy Birthday to her dog "LUCKY". Yes his hat looks just like the Pope's. We had a yummy dinner made by Mom complete with banana & chocolate cakes. Tim is always the ice cream scooper...him & his muscles.
Hugs to Grandpa (Jax sure loves him)
Grandpa Tom has a knack for sneaking treats to my kids. I caught him here in action!

On the eve of Father's Day we met Grandpa
Lonnie, Tim's step dad, for dinner at the town's local Mexican Food Restaurante....deliciouso!! Conversation is always so entertaining & insightful with him.Then the kids got to ride in Grandpa's truck to Yogurt Jungle where we treated him to a most wonderfully yummy treat!....oops forgot the camera. 

~We are blessed to have these 3 great Fathers in our lives & are grateful to them for all the things they've done for us & have taught us. They are great examples of honesty, hard work, generosity & Christlike living.

~And for Tim, I honestly couldn't have picked a better Dad for my kids.

Fire Truck Double Birthday Party

So who's the wise guy who thought it would be funny to have 2 boys birthdays a week apart in June...and another the end of May? Tim's I guess?...

These BALLOONS were bought at the Dollar Store & lasted for over 10 days & 4 birthday celebrations!! saving money!!

Anyhow, since the boys were reaching milestone birthdays, we decided they could both have friend parties this year. So this was their main Gift from us:
A Fire Truck Party
They ran around for 2 hours playing on this fire truck. The highlight was when they got to hold the fire hose & then run underneath it as it sprayed out tons of water. Later in my head, I counted 32 kids including friends from the neighborhood, church, school, siblings & cousins! There was a tad of chaos but it was fun for them & nice for me have it done all at once.

The Kids Played Games & Did Races
* Some of our favorite people were there.*

The Funnest Part: SPRAYING Getting Sprayed by the FIRE HOSE!!

The Birthday Boys even got to go on a ride around the neighborhood tooting the horn as they went....They pulled some strings & let sister ride too. Can I just say it was hotter than an actual Fire inside that truck!

Jax was not too sure about this big, red, loud fire truck!
There were a few tears involved.
10 & 5 = Milestone B-Days
Cake, Goodies & Opening Gifts
I was itching away...The mosquitos loves my "milky" white sweet skin...right Kathleen? ;)
This was Daylan's first real Birthday Party inviting any friends and it was so cute to see him get so excited!

Daylan was loving opening his Gifts!

Good Friends, Good Food, Good Fun
=A Good Day

Saturday, June 26, 2010

5 Days Without my Computer....

"...And I lived to tell about it."
(a line my parents said a lot to us growing up.)

My sweet, darling 10 year old was using my laptop & without knowing it dropped my computer charger into a bowl in the sink that was full of water. Needless to say it was a gone-r! That charger cost $79.99!..I cried. But luckily there is Ebay. I should be getting one at my doorstep by Monday for $20.99 (including shipping) Thank You Ebay I love you!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

June 9th, {13th} & 17th

....are way too close together.
This is a picture of my older 2 boys & my youngest brother Phylip. They're almost like brothers...closer in age to Phyl than I am. They love yet annoy each other, tell jokes, wrestle, give piggy back rides. Phyl has even been known to make up a Scavenger Hunt or two for the young lads. He gives them his old clothes, books, toys, Pokemon cards & gameboys. So I guess they might as well share their Birthday week too!

Every 4 days in the middle of June we celebrate a Birthday. So that's why I was happy that Spence & Dude were in agreement to combine their birthday parties....but that would be a few days later.

Although the "party" would not be till later, I still think the actual birthdays are still so important to celebrate...would you please give that memo to my husband. thx. So on the 9th & 17th we did just that. Nothin spectacular...but just tried to make the days a little more fun than normal.

First the days began as they woke up to the kitchen decorated just for them-with banners, balloons & donuts.
Then they saw their chore charts:
We did things like go to:
Splash Pads
Swimming, Opening a few little gifts
& The Library
They got to Choose Lunch & Dinner Meals:

Spencer: Chick Fil-A-Lunch
Dinner: Sloppy joes, corn on the cob, watermelon, soda pop & chips
Daylan: McDonald's Happy Meal-Lunch
Dinner: Spaghetti, Garlic Bread, soda pop
And choose what kind of cake & ice cream to have:
Their Gift from us was:
A Fire Truck Birthday Party
& they could invite whoever they wanted.
....that's a post to follow soon.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Quality Mom/Son Time= {Scouting}

I had the opportunity to be Spencer's Bear Den Cub Scout Leader for the last 7 months or so. I was a Rookie at this whole scouting thing but I think I'm finally getting the hang of it all....just in time for Spencer to Leave our Bear Den and move on to Webelos! hoo... I really have enjoyed my time with him & seeing him around his peers. (It's given me a whole new appreciation for spence seeing how ALL 9 year old boys think & behave.)
Spence earned his Bear award this month before his birthday, so this past Wednesday's Pack Meeting he got to show his courage by going into the Bear Cave!....& did he live it up.

Our Pack has a cute lil' thing they do for the boys who get their Bear Award. The boys have to go into the "Bear Den" & tackle the Bear (their Dad) & come out holding a Bear Claw.
We saw shoes fly over the cave and the "Bear" even tossed him just above the top of the cave to give us a good chuckle. But luckily Spence made it out alive with his Bear Claw in hand & a smile on his face. He came out all tore you can see by his shirt. (I was videotaping so I didn't get any pictures during or after...between my active husband & son I didn't catch them both together in time.)
Congrats Spence on another accomplished Scouting Year!

Ah...Good ol' stuff.
I better get used to all this being that we have 3 boys.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Lemonade Stand & Princess Party

Can you read their sign? Try driving by it quickly....
These cute girls took it upon themselves to make their own lemonade & sign and set themselves up by the park to get some good business. Jax & I kicked it in the shade while they sold to their hearts content. It was the best watery lemonade ever! They even got a $1 tip from a sweet neighbor man.
Lil' Miss Kaylea has a little best friend down the street named Sienna. Every day there is a new plan, club, project or idea...usually having to do with making a buck. Last week they threw together a Lemonade Stand-on the HOTTEST day of the year so far.
Later in the week Sienna celebrated her birthday "Princess Style."
Here are the 2 Princesses themselves.
~Too cute!~

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Saying bye to 4.....& Hi to 5

Every morning about 7ish Daylan wakes up & he crawls into our bed.
Yesterday morning while in our bed he cuddled up to me & broke my heart saying: "Mom, you know how you always say you want me to stay 4 Forever?.....well, Sorry but today's my last day."

Real tears came to my eyes and are again now as I type this. So stinkin' cute but so sad at the same time. It was like he was giving me his two weeks notice or something...but in this case it was only a day's fair!

Where did the time go?
In our bed 5 years ago....before he could talk about such big steps in his life.
He practically came out smiling & it still melts my heart.
The loveable squeezy face
Times at the Beach:
He was born to fly...
The infamous Campbell "pout"
he sure loves his dad
waiting patiently for his lil' brother
5 Things we Love About Daylan:

5. He is a great cuddler. We love to snuggle with our Dude.

4. He has this face where he tries not to smile....but when he does that, they end up being the scrunchiest eye smiles that we love.

3. His edible cheeks & bright blue eyes...makes it hard to get him in trouble sometimes.

2. Daylan is a good sharer. {As I type this he is asking if I want a piece of his gum.}

1. He is such a wonderful BIG brother...a title he always wanted to have & lives up to so well. He is constantly kissing on Jax & bringing him whatever he needs.

Dad: "I'm glad that Daylan likes to play with me still. I love to wrestle & play ball with him. I think it's funny that he wants to be good at everything. Whether it's a Wii game or Basketball...he's a Perfectionist. I love his cute voice & I like that he's a snuggler."

Mom: "I love the way Dude says him name..."Daylan Turdis Tambell ..working on our "c" sound still. I love that Daylan is a good follower. He goes with the flow....usually. If someone wants to play something he'll say "sure" & do whatever they want to do. I love that he spontaneously says Mom I love you. I love that he is learning to read & play the piano and gets excited at his new accomplishments. I love that he always tells us to pray and reminds us WHO needs our prayers right then. I love when he is happy. He has the cutest little giggle. I love when he wrestles with his brothers, plays house with his sister & ball with his dad. (he's pretty awesome at it.)

Spencer: "I love right when Daylan wakes up. He rubs his eyes and talks cute. We love to wrestle together."

Kaylea: "Whenever I'm walking around the house being bored, he just comes up to me and says 'Kaylea do you wanna play house?' "

Jax: "Da-Da" ('Day-Day I love him because he loves & takes care of me.')

Happy 5th Birthday Daylan!
We Love You!