Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Jax's Birthday Activites

The weekend's events included:
Barros Pizza

Mall Play Area
....where we met Gma, Gpa & Lacey
Jax loved his pop-up toy from them
Jaxson 'kept getting down and crawling as fast as he could towards DQ!!
~Seriously he was making bystanders crack up...
So we gave in & he had his first taste of Ice Cream....
We got home just in time for bed. With his belly filled already with pizza & ice cream we waited till the next day to finish celebrating....
He Opened Presents
{A book, foam blocks, Elmo flip flops, a teddy bear from kaylea, new clothes}
The Cake Initiating
"Hmmm....what's this?"
Capturing the big moment: notice the hand on the hip as if she's a pro...
This was his first taste of sweets (besides the ice cream) & I think he liked it!
He took this cake business very seriously.
Daylan & Kaylea helped out so willingly... Aren't they sweet.
Then it was clean up time!
Then to Gma & Gpa's House for Sunday Dinner to celebrate with more cake!
Gma & Gpa gave him a "phone" to talk to ethan/carson on & cute mini soft cars. He loved them.
This time around he was "civilized" & ate with a fork.

~Even yummier than the cake were his cheeks...and those irresistable blue eyes.~


{she + him} said...

Yay! Jax is one! That went by fast...

I totally noticed the hand on Kaylea's hip, then read your caption. She's hilarious!

A day in the life of the Campbell's said...

So cute..I bet he was thrilled. The pic of him crawling to DQ..precious! I can't believe he is already 1. Looks like a great couple days. You sure have a lot of kids with b-days around the same time! Does that mean Sept./Oct.. is your "happy" months? ha ha :)

Unknown said...

Those picts are so cute! I love seeing messy baby faces after tehy dig into their cake! He looked like he was really enjoying that!