Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Sara's Graduation!

The evening began with beautiful weather, a great sunset
& some funny people sitting around us.
The Graduates came into the football field
in their black & teal gowns.
We waved to Tim, Daylan & Jax as they stood outside the school gate.
Jax was sleeping & the crowd was too loud.
Spencer walked out to bring Daylan up to where we sat.
The program moved along okay...still slower than would've liked.
More funny people around us.
The people in front of us thought we laughed too much...
Dirty looks. But we didn't care.
Spencer 'kept accidentally spraying them with a spray bottle...Oops
More dirty looks.
Phylip sported the colors Black, Teal
....and Yellow-to match Jozie?
We were having a good time.
And so was our nose ring-dreadlock friend behind us.
He kept smiling for all my pictures.
Soon the moon started to appear & it was huge & red...
then it turned orange as it raised higher.
More names were called
& the moon became brighter yellow & higher yet.
Then as Kaylea followed along the program she said...
"Sara's name is coming up!"
We quickly got ready so we could do THIS:
And then the next BIG moment...The Cap Throwing!
We went down on the field to find our Sara-Beara.
Ironically we found her in on the field in front of the "S" in HAWKS.
She was beautiful as always.
Here she is with her 1st lei given to her by Ma & Pa.
She received two more candy bar leis from friends
...and then one from her beau Coe.
They are too cute together.
C's little bro & sis (shown here) even ADORE her.
Who doesn't?
Here are a few more people who do too.
In true Polynesian flavor they have their flower leis on here. -Coe's mom & sisters made them!-

Best Wishes Sare-Bear on the Rest of your Fantastic Life!

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{she + him} said...

Cute post! I was waiting for this one...I'm glad you didn't fail to mention my pierced friend! He was the highlight of my night...

Congrats Sara! Say "Hello" to your bright future...