Thursday, June 17, 2010

Saying bye to 4.....& Hi to 5

Every morning about 7ish Daylan wakes up & he crawls into our bed.
Yesterday morning while in our bed he cuddled up to me & broke my heart saying: "Mom, you know how you always say you want me to stay 4 Forever?.....well, Sorry but today's my last day."

Real tears came to my eyes and are again now as I type this. So stinkin' cute but so sad at the same time. It was like he was giving me his two weeks notice or something...but in this case it was only a day's fair!

Where did the time go?
In our bed 5 years ago....before he could talk about such big steps in his life.
He practically came out smiling & it still melts my heart.
The loveable squeezy face
Times at the Beach:
He was born to fly...
The infamous Campbell "pout"
he sure loves his dad
waiting patiently for his lil' brother
5 Things we Love About Daylan:

5. He is a great cuddler. We love to snuggle with our Dude.

4. He has this face where he tries not to smile....but when he does that, they end up being the scrunchiest eye smiles that we love.

3. His edible cheeks & bright blue eyes...makes it hard to get him in trouble sometimes.

2. Daylan is a good sharer. {As I type this he is asking if I want a piece of his gum.}

1. He is such a wonderful BIG brother...a title he always wanted to have & lives up to so well. He is constantly kissing on Jax & bringing him whatever he needs.

Dad: "I'm glad that Daylan likes to play with me still. I love to wrestle & play ball with him. I think it's funny that he wants to be good at everything. Whether it's a Wii game or Basketball...he's a Perfectionist. I love his cute voice & I like that he's a snuggler."

Mom: "I love the way Dude says him name..."Daylan Turdis Tambell ..working on our "c" sound still. I love that Daylan is a good follower. He goes with the flow....usually. If someone wants to play something he'll say "sure" & do whatever they want to do. I love that he spontaneously says Mom I love you. I love that he is learning to read & play the piano and gets excited at his new accomplishments. I love that he always tells us to pray and reminds us WHO needs our prayers right then. I love when he is happy. He has the cutest little giggle. I love when he wrestles with his brothers, plays house with his sister & ball with his dad. (he's pretty awesome at it.)

Spencer: "I love right when Daylan wakes up. He rubs his eyes and talks cute. We love to wrestle together."

Kaylea: "Whenever I'm walking around the house being bored, he just comes up to me and says 'Kaylea do you wanna play house?' "

Jax: "Da-Da" ('Day-Day I love him because he loves & takes care of me.')

Happy 5th Birthday Daylan!
We Love You!


Ezra, Kian & Eden said...

Such a sweet post for such a sweet 5 year old! Happy Birthday Daylan!!!!!

Tracey said...

Such a sweet post! Happy Birthday to such a cute little guy.
We love you ~ xoxo

Unknown said...

Once again your post made me cry like a baby, how do our children grow up so fast. I love the comment he made about the last day of being 4, what a cutie pie! The naked baby pict of him smiling is so precious! Happy b-day!

A day in the life of the Campbell's said...

Happy Birthday to cute, shy little Day! Hope it was fun!