Wednesday, June 30, 2010

~Father's Day~

Father's Day 2010 began with Early Morning Church at 8am. It was EXTRA special to have Tim's Dad, Grandpa Ron there with us! We bribed him...haha...with a promised Brunch afterwards. The kids all sang as a Primary group a Father's Day medley in church as I played the piano.

{If you've noticed...Our family gets into our "comfies" very quickly after Church. --Quicker than I can even take pictures.}

After Brunch Tim opened up his little gifts from me and the kids. Sunblock from Kaylea (so he won't get cancer...she says), some Shirts, the inevitable yet adorable kid-made cards & some yummy goodies.
We headed over to my parents for Sunday Dinner. But before the Father's Day festivities began, Kaylea insisted we sing Happy Birthday to her dog "LUCKY". Yes his hat looks just like the Pope's. We had a yummy dinner made by Mom complete with banana & chocolate cakes. Tim is always the ice cream scooper...him & his muscles.
Hugs to Grandpa (Jax sure loves him)
Grandpa Tom has a knack for sneaking treats to my kids. I caught him here in action!

On the eve of Father's Day we met Grandpa
Lonnie, Tim's step dad, for dinner at the town's local Mexican Food Restaurante....deliciouso!! Conversation is always so entertaining & insightful with him.Then the kids got to ride in Grandpa's truck to Yogurt Jungle where we treated him to a most wonderfully yummy treat!....oops forgot the camera. 

~We are blessed to have these 3 great Fathers in our lives & are grateful to them for all the things they've done for us & have taught us. They are great examples of honesty, hard work, generosity & Christlike living.

~And for Tim, I honestly couldn't have picked a better Dad for my kids.

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