Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Fire Truck Double Birthday Party

So who's the wise guy who thought it would be funny to have 2 boys birthdays a week apart in June...and another the end of May? Tim's I guess?...

These BALLOONS were bought at the Dollar Store & lasted for over 10 days & 4 birthday celebrations!! saving money!!

Anyhow, since the boys were reaching milestone birthdays, we decided they could both have friend parties this year. So this was their main Gift from us:
A Fire Truck Party
They ran around for 2 hours playing on this fire truck. The highlight was when they got to hold the fire hose & then run underneath it as it sprayed out tons of water. Later in my head, I counted 32 kids including friends from the neighborhood, church, school, siblings & cousins! There was a tad of chaos but it was fun for them & nice for me have it done all at once.

The Kids Played Games & Did Races
* Some of our favorite people were there.*

The Funnest Part: SPRAYING Getting Sprayed by the FIRE HOSE!!

The Birthday Boys even got to go on a ride around the neighborhood tooting the horn as they went....They pulled some strings & let sister ride too. Can I just say it was hotter than an actual Fire inside that truck!

Jax was not too sure about this big, red, loud fire truck!
There were a few tears involved.
10 & 5 = Milestone B-Days
Cake, Goodies & Opening Gifts
I was itching away...The mosquitos loves my "milky" white sweet skin...right Kathleen? ;)
This was Daylan's first real Birthday Party inviting any friends and it was so cute to see him get so excited!

Daylan was loving opening his Gifts!

Good Friends, Good Food, Good Fun
=A Good Day


Jamie said...

So, so fun! I love the firetruck idea, especially in Arizona. In the summer. Ugh!

We had the boys' milestone birthdays this year and the girls' will be next year. Who's idea was that?

um, mine.

Ezra, Kian & Eden said...

That was seriously the most awesome b-day party idea. My kids talked for days!!!! Those were just about the cutest b-day boys around! Love the pics of Jax just chillin' with his dirty face. And yeah....those mosquitoes love to "drink" in that skin you call milk. :)

Lacey said...

Us here! What a cute idea, that neighborhood looks kinda familiar?? Weird. haha jk