Tuesday, June 1, 2010

"1 Year Older & wiser too..."

..."Happy Birthday to YOU!"

We waited a while for this little guy
& now that he's here we are taking it all in!
The Boys love to wrestle with him.
Kaylea loves to take him wherever she goes & play Mommy.
Some things we love about our lil' JAX:

Daylan: "I love Jax betuz his cheeks are fat!
I like to wrestle with him. I love him betuz he always hugs me & helps me when I'm crying. I love him betuz he always crawls up the stairs. I love him betuz he plays with my guitar and dances to it. I love him betuz he likes reading 'that' book. (pointing to his favorite book) I love Jaxson betuz he's my only baby!"

Kaylea: "I love him because he climbs on everything and it looks so cute! And I like how he takes off his diaper and crawls around fast and doesn't even care that he's naked. He's so funny. And I like how he drops things and says "uh-oh." It's SO cute. He makes me feel happy because I always wanted a baby and I GOT ONE!"

Spencer: "I like that he talks cute. He walks so cute too. Whenever I'm sad and I see him it makes me happy. When I see his face it lightens up my day. Jaxson is my favorite 1 year old."

Tim (dad): "I love when Jax says "ah-men" (amen) when we pray. I love how curious he is. If you moved one little thing in this room, he would find it. I love his faces...he makes lots of funny faces. And I love how he points his finger so cute whenever he wants something. I love how our other kids interact with Jaxson. It makes me happy knowing how much they love him."

Me (mom): "I love Jaxson because he came when I needed him most. He has a way of calming all of us down when anyone is upset...especially Daylan. He will always go & cuddle him until he stops crying. {To me this is proof that we are such amazing spiritual beings & the size of our body does not matter.} I love every feature on his face & want to gobble him up daily. I wish I could pluck his little toesies off & eat them like gumdrops. He is so scrumptious. I love when he dances, does his scrunchie nose face, fake laughs & most of all cuddles with me. I love watching him close his eyes and fall asleep each night."

Jaxson loves being active. He is constantly climbing up onto the couches so he can jump on them. He usually falls off, gets hurt but then climbs right back up. If he's not doing that then he's up & down the stairs...constantly. Usually gettin hurt there too. He just began pulling his body up onto the kitchen chairs & then from there climbing on top of the table. {I'm telling you the second my head hits the pillow...I am gone. He wears me out because he loves to play hard!} He drinks from sippy cups, bottles & still nurses...while he does acrobatics. (You nursing moms of older babies know what I mean) Jaxson recently has started giving kisses...you know the wet, sloppy kind. He also has begun to share his "baba's" & food with anyone who comes near. He has an obnoxious yell he does when he wants something or is frustrated. When Jax occasionally gets shy, he'll dig his head into my chest trying to hide. He sings with us at church and looks around like he knows he's doing something important.

He hardly sleeps because he's afraid he'll miss something....same with eating... he would rather be playing. Because he hardly eats & is SO active he weighs 20 lbs. 6 oz., basically the same as he did 6 months ago! Jaxson insists I rock him to sleep on my shoulder...and I do because he's spoiled & I just can't resist! Jax just began doing a NEW TRICK where he sits on the ground and spins his body from front to back-basically "breakdancing!" He is busy getting into all of the cupboards-just like Spencer was. Jax has a wobbly walk and can now go on an average of about 12 steps before falling. He does the cutest little finger point when he wants something & hesitantly does a little sign language for the words: more, all done & please. Jax is the most charmingly, stubborn kid ever....(just like his Daddy. Good thing their charm saves them from Mom's spankin's!)

{*My mom said to me the other day that maybe the reason Heavenly Father had us wait a little longer for Jax was because he knew I'd have my hands full. :D -hmmm...very possibly the truth.}

So with this huge accumulation of so many things we love about him I broke it down & made a list of our Top 12.

12 Months= Top 12 Things we love about JAX
12. Shares his food/baba's with us.
11. His wobbly drunken-sailor walk
10. Is obsessed with feet..loves to play with & bite my toes
9. His scrunchie nose, chubby cheeks & spongebob space between his teeth
8. Gives slobbery mouth kisses...& occasionally will bite your lip ..(seeing a pattern?)
7. His finger point & fake laugh
6. Throwing something on the ground purposely & then saying "uh-oh"
5. Singing from the hymn book at church
4. Acrobatics while nursing & his breakdancing move!
3. Is a Dancing-Machine when TV show "Dino-Squad" & Song "Break Your Heart" comes on.
2. Saying "Ah-men" after Prayers
1. Hugs people when he senses their sadness

*Jax's Birthday Cake pics coming soon.....


Frolicking Night Owl said...

Can't believe he's alreayd ONE! What a sweetie!

A day in the life of the Campbell's said...

I love his fat cheeks too..happy birthday to your little guy.

Unknown said...

Oh Audy he is already a year??? I love this little guy and I have only ever read about him. This post made me cry, I think I think about him in relation to our family and how badly I want another baby, but I know that it is just not even a possibility right now with Jeremy's health and having to be the sole provider. I get so scared that I will not get to have the opportunity to gaze down into my newborn babies eyes, or be up late rocking a baby to sleep. Ugg I got to stop this, it is making me cry again. I guess it is in God's hands and he knows what is best, I just need to have faith and pray that I will get to experience those beautiful experiences again. I am so happy Jax knew when to come to your family, he sounds like such a special spirit. Happy b-day buddy!