Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The Homecoming Dance

Here is my little sis Sara & her date Coe before the HHS Homecoming Dance.

(and No she doesn't have a stair banister for a leg ...or two for that matter.) 

They wore RED Vans to match their outfits.      
Aren't these kids cute? ...Wait! I mean grown-ups!

Sara just turned 18!

Saturday, September 26, 2009

*4 months already?

Lately a lot of Jaxson's time is spent:

Spitting Up:

Playing airplane on Mom's legs.....

Tummy Time:
Jax is now 4 months old & these last few weeks began fully rolling over. He figured out how to get his arm out of the way & roll to his tummy. He thinks it's pretty cool, especially when we all clap & cheer for him. Jaxson definitely loves being the center of attention...uh oh.

He is finally able to go in the Exersaucer for extended periods of time...well before he starts crying.) Still hanging out in the Bumbo & managing to spend a little time in the Swing a bit...well kinda. We are finding he gets bored easily & likes being entertained... eh his Daddy.

His recent stats:
weight: 15 lbs. 13 oz. -75%
height: 25 in. -50%

(Kaylea weighed a WHOLE pound less than this at a YEAR OLD!)
This kid just makes me smile. I know he has been sent here to our family NOW at this time, for a reason. We just can't get enough of him. Thanks Jax for makin' us smile.

The Wedding!

~Once upon a time I had a baby brother....I remember the day his umbilical cord fell off. Yes a traumatic, momentous day in my life. Then I blinked and he grew into a handsome young man waiting for his princess.
And then he FOUND HER......
They fell in LoVe~
And were married here:
(Look to the bottom right & you can see my reflection looking onward holding jax on my hip.)...ok i'm a nerd.

~Jozie & Tommy~
Look at the perfect lil' Mary Poppins... & who says white men can't jump?

*So what's the first thing you do when you get married.....?

Go to Sonic of course!
I told 'em I would give them 20 bucks if they danced in the parking lot....they would've done it anyway.
Here's  a tiny blip.
YES they are really this much fun in real life! :)

~My parents had a nice LUNCHEON for close friends & family right after the wedding...
 where we played the VIDEO that I had made them.~

Then later that evening there was the Reception located in the Cluff's front pretty.
The one & only Luke Johnson serving as the "Punchbowl Man."

*Bride & Groom Feeding Each Other*
{Jozie the biggest cookie-lover around wanted to cut into cookie instead of cake at the that's what they fed each other. Ironic being that Tommy worked his High School years @ Paradise Bakery.}

-Had to show the Jax-man in his Tux (& Vans)-

~Spence lovin' the punch...
More of my Sibs!...I love them. Aren't they the cutest!

*The "Garter"*
Whoa there guys...this is a family blog...
Tommy's Buds
Scott, His Best Friend from Childhood caught it!

The Fam
Daylan refused to put his tie on right...oh well...what can you do.

~These guys are the real deal.... So in Love.~

And they lived Happily Ever After.... 

Sunday, September 20, 2009

The Jumbo in the Bumbo: saving my poor wimpy arms from exhaustion. 
I mean look at the chunk on those cheeks...He's not exactly light.
Heavy ~but oh so precious.
(My morning crew: We are loving the time the 3 of us are having together. :)
Sshhhh...don't tell him it's purple.

thanks kathleen... :) 
My arms thank you.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Kaylea is 7!

Last year, the month of Kaylea's 6th Birthday she received the present 
she'd been waiting & praying for:
....a baby in Mom's tummy.
This year on her 7th Birthday that "present" was present; her baby bro Jax.

It was a busy weekend beginning with treats I brought into her school class Friday: Worms in muddy dirt (gummy worms in oreos/chocolate pudding)
No pink, frilly cupcakes for this girl; She wanted the boys to like the treat girl. It was a hit.
Saturday morning, her actual birthday, we celebrated with Krispie Kremes & presents. Then the rest of the day was full of Uncle Tommy's wedding events & her last gift of the day:...a brand New Aunt...& a good one at that! 
(Wedding post to follow soon.)
Sunday we had Family Birthday Dinner @ Grandma & Grandpa's House ~Complete with a Barbie Cake made by Aunt Sara.
The following weekend she had a little sleepover with cousin Macey & the next morning got to see the play "Jack & The Beanstalk." 

No friend party this year, but I think she was happy with all the special events of the last few weeks including having her best friend from Mesa, Sage come play.
We Love You Kay Kay...

Monday, September 14, 2009


for the "FAB 5" on 
America's Got Talent!

~My cute friend Veva & her sisters are in the Finals Tonight so spread the word & 
Vote Vote Vote!

Psstt....Things have been busy, busy so I have LOTS to catch up on Blog-wise....lots of posts coming this week...possibly.?

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Labor Day weekend in breezy Flag

We almost turned around and went back home 
when we sat idly & saw this:
But were glad we stuck it through so we could see this:
*Boys & their Toys*
Some quality time with cousins Trenton, Zane 
& Natalie- (who got stung by a wasp while there!...)
And how presh is this?:
Friday night Tim & I grabbed dinner with Brian & Heidi & reminisced in our old home town. We went to Flag High to see cousin Melissa, a Varsity cheeleader (flyer) perform at the Football Game. Oops no pictures of it ...but she was great!  Shucks...and forgot to get a pic of Jaxson & cousin Claire together. Exactly One year apart & the same size!