Saturday, September 26, 2009

The Wedding!

~Once upon a time I had a baby brother....I remember the day his umbilical cord fell off. Yes a traumatic, momentous day in my life. Then I blinked and he grew into a handsome young man waiting for his princess.
And then he FOUND HER......
They fell in LoVe~
And were married here:
(Look to the bottom right & you can see my reflection looking onward holding jax on my hip.)...ok i'm a nerd.

~Jozie & Tommy~
Look at the perfect lil' Mary Poppins... & who says white men can't jump?

*So what's the first thing you do when you get married.....?

Go to Sonic of course!
I told 'em I would give them 20 bucks if they danced in the parking lot....they would've done it anyway.
Here's  a tiny blip.
YES they are really this much fun in real life! :)

~My parents had a nice LUNCHEON for close friends & family right after the wedding...
 where we played the VIDEO that I had made them.~

Then later that evening there was the Reception located in the Cluff's front pretty.
The one & only Luke Johnson serving as the "Punchbowl Man."

*Bride & Groom Feeding Each Other*
{Jozie the biggest cookie-lover around wanted to cut into cookie instead of cake at the that's what they fed each other. Ironic being that Tommy worked his High School years @ Paradise Bakery.}

-Had to show the Jax-man in his Tux (& Vans)-

~Spence lovin' the punch...
More of my Sibs!...I love them. Aren't they the cutest!

*The "Garter"*
Whoa there guys...this is a family blog...
Tommy's Buds
Scott, His Best Friend from Childhood caught it!

The Fam
Daylan refused to put his tie on right...oh well...what can you do.

~These guys are the real deal.... So in Love.~

And they lived Happily Ever After.... 


kwistin said...

So...they are adorable. And I got to talk to Jozie a bit at the reunion...she's a doll! I'm so happy she's in the family. What a good-lookin' couple, too-- and their wedding picture style is right up my alley. :)

It was SOOO good to see you at the reunion, even though I felt it short-lived, what with my random sickness and all. But still. Good to see you!

Jamie said...

{sigh} I'm such a sucker for a good love story... It looks like you all had a wonderful time!

What the world needs now is love, sweet love... Seems to me that the world has more love now. Your family is presh!

Callie said...

A-dorable. Love her dress, very retro and totally cute! I love happy weddings!!

they call me girl said...

Thanks Audy! I'm glad you someone has posted something about our wedding!! I'm working on it, I promise. I finally have our own blog...just NO posts! {joz}

Ezra, Kian & Eden said...

Love this post! I never get tired of hearing cute love stories. The wedding looks like it was a lot of fun! And I saw your reflection in the door at the in the world you noticed that is beyond me! You crack me up girl! Congratulations to your sweet brother and his beautiful bride.

brittany said...

haha alright you nasty picture of britt snatcher!! The post would be so much cuter without that one of me looking silly but thats okay. I hadn't seen most of those wedding pictures yet...where have I been?? oh ya. school. but guess what?? One tough semester... check!

AudyCamp said...

Joz...we just had SO many great pictures it took me 3 months to decide which ones to put on. really I'm just a slacker! And don't feel bad no one did a post on the fact that I HAD A BABY!!. haha.. I guess they all figure i do enough posting for everyone. I still am wanting to put on more of your wedding...I can't resist.

Unknown said...

They are so cute together. I love the jumping pict. Jax is too cute in that lil tux. I love the family pic of you guys too!

Scott & Natalie sherwood said...

What a darling couple. I love her dress! I wish I could get married again so I could have Jeff and Stacie take pictures for it. They do such a good job.

Debbie said...

It looks like it was so beautiful - wish we could have come down. I love the vintage look.

Did you figure out to collage with Photoscape? If not, just google Photoscape. It's a free program.