Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Where's Snow White?

*DAY 8*
The bus took us to 3 different areas this day & we got a good taste of France. We went along the Alsatian Wine Route into the French Alsace Region. 

This area was my favorite of the 3 we went into because of the architecture. It actually felt like we were at Disneyland!
As we walked into & out of the town we saw a tall structure with a huge stork & her nest resting on top.  I was expecting to see Dumbo at any minute. 

As we drove into the town of Colmar we saw out our window this miniature, but still large replica of the Statue of Liberty, and discovered that the actual man who sculpted it, named Frederic Auguste Bartholdi was born there. His old home is now a museum which we didn't go to, but it was neat to know the origin of this gift from France to America.
Colmar had the best shopping & restaurants. Here we sat with some new friends & shared the best Pizza I've ever eaten. Even BETTER than Pizza I ate in Italy! We had a hard time explaining to our waitress what we wanted since they don't call it Pizza- "tarte-something" we figured out. 

My new favorite color:
I have a new fondness for the color Yellow!
It seems like it was everywhere~perfect for Spring Time. Hope it always will remind me of the Quaint Towns in France.

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