Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The Phx Zoo

On President's Day there was No School, so we met up at the Phoenix Zoo with Tim's brother Brian & kiddos. It was the most beautiful weather that day & I loved it!
Jax insisted on walking which was actually nice 'cuz it made Tim slow down his pace. (He thinks you're supposed to power-walk EVERYWHERE...including the Zoo. I always say to him "Enjoy the Journey."...he hates when I say that.)

*Here are pics of Jax's means of transportation. Note that the stroller was NOT one of them.
spencer-our tour guide
Some of our favorite sites:
The Rhinos

The Cheetahs

The funny orange-bottomed monkeys 
....we had to cut this one short cuz the boys were making "bottom jokes."

The Elephants
The Lions

*Here's a little video clip of Tim showing Jax the little howler monkeys
 that were jumping & running over our heads.
We took a lunch break next to this little treehouse that they ran around in for quite a while.
Zane & Daylan~having Quality Cousin Time

My cute little line-up watching the big birds.

{Oh yeah...Me & my prego body were there too.}
NO- not the big Earth Ball...down below that.
'Till Next Time Zoo Animal Friends....


{she + him} said...

Wow! All of the animals were out and about...lucky!

Stephanie said...

How fun!
...and you don't look the least bit's got to be all the running around you do:)

Ezra, Kian & Eden said...

Fun! You got some great pics! I feel like every time we're at the zoo the Elephants are just being put "inside".
We love the Rhinos too...but they seriously stink! The worst in the whole zoo!!!!!! Blah!